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The Phoenix
The Phoenix

Aye yo what's good?
Man, this ya guy Lyfe Jennings, once again, man
I just want to start off by sayin', 'Thank you'
a bucket of Crys'
I'm tellin you man... Life a funny thing
You ain't a dope by 'til yo ass got a gun and chain

[Chorus: Lyfe Jennings] (ad-libbing)
[Lil' Flip]

[Lyfe Jennings]
Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh 
(Talk to 'em, Lyfe) 
Uh, uh, uh, uh  
(Talk to 'em, Lyfe)
Uh, uh, uh, uh
Ok is this thing on here
Ok it's my turn to talk about it, alright
I want to talk about the Lyfe Jennings project
Album number 3... now
Yea! Hypnotize Minds, Jesus
Three 6 Mafia, Lyfe Jennings, goin' down
Life is beautiful man
But niggas don't respect niggas, you know what i'm sayin?
and winning Oscars

Yeah, 365 Mafia, Project Pat, Lyfe Jennings
If you can believe, you can achieve every damn bug
'Round us a good day, yeah

Seventeen years
[Chorus: x2 Lyfe Jennings]
If a nigga die tonight
Make sure I didn't die in vain, and they feel my pain
Make sure my niggas ride for me
Or comin'
tho? (Yo where the hoes tho?)
That other nigga, he a bozo (He a bozo)
It's M.A, you don't know hoe? (You don't know hoe?)
We got liquor by