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[Originally by The Beatles]

It's been a hard day's night 
And I've been working like a dog 
It's been a hard day's night 
I should be sleeping like
I was born of nineteen fifty nine
That'll be the day rock'n'roll died
Far away on a dark and stormy night
Brought into the new decade
The sixties
and I keep a couple most dope homies by me
So there ain't too many times it's me, myself and Irene
We stay smokin' through the night wake up, do some
that shit ain't gonna fly with me
So, I


Weeks come by, he doesn't show
I can't breathe no more and my heart is aching so
Confuse emotions
and call him "Gopher Boy".
One Day, a bully by the name of Big Roy, started throwing bananas at him,
Soon a crowd of kids were all throwing bananas.
another statistic my nigga this courtesy of Compton (Courtesy of Compton)
Brooklyn go hard, motherfucker
Love me on the East like I'm Chuck D
of Ethiopia a fertile paradise 
Where everyone sings Beatles songs and buys shares in EMI 
Charity, starvation, and rock and roll 
Let it be, eh Paulie?
on the ad-libs
Had to think some decisions through
When times hard, who the fuck you gon' listen to?
Toilet by the bunk, put you in a different mood
Locked up,
EL-P Speaking:

Is there anyone close.. by.. who can listen to this?
And who can see it.. plain as day
Look how it FALLS down
Falls down upon
getting pass-ons, be by-gones
Nevertheless is definitely hit and hits are what we strive on
We feel this way every single day all day
So make way


"Lee Harvey Oswald was shot." 

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by
on a Friday livin' on the edge
'Cause we all got 'dem hard heads
It's seems like we all are waitin'
For a drive by playin' tag wit Satan

But we chillin' yeah,
efforts are negated by the passive observers.

They spend days before the T.V. set so burned out,
Is it any wonder they've lost all sense of vision
survivin', thus bein' a punchin' bag for those affected
It's somethin' that I accepted, it was hard to understand
The way things happen, but in the end I
and shit nigga

Yo, yo, it was the night before he got popped
Big jars of haze, Cheech and Chong bong in the spot
Tropicana, strawberries, diced bananas
that trey eight to ya face, play with my cape
I'm a half a day late and all ya people gotta vacate
Or face the fury of a two nigga jury
That's gon'
She was through with the bad grades, the late nights in the park 
Causin my mom pain, my life was in the dirt 
I played hooky all day while she
and your wife buddied up
I can't afford to rap about no cars with no 24's
Shorties on my block is real, hard with they 44's
I know some teenagers, that'll
hip hop. [Booyea!]

On my soap box yelling into megaphones.
Killing hard rocks using carcasses as stepping stones.
Had to promise that I'd stop
and your wife buddied up
I can't afford to rap about no cars with no 24's
Shorties on my block is real, hard with they 44's
I know some teenagers, that'll