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voice, lift up your voice
Rejoice, rejoice

Here comes Frank and poor old Jim
They're gathering round with all my friends
We're older now,
Pass me that lovely little gun
My dear, my darling one
The cleaners are coming, one by one
You don't even want to let them start

say hello
She'll be out handing scraps
But don't be fooled, her heart is ruled
By forces off the maps
Show me the way to the rubbish dump
gettin' on
And looking out for number one

Is all we got in common
With business, home, family
Are we ever all that we could be?
Trading in our
But before John even cleared his holster, the marshall had filled him with so much lead, it took six strong men to carry him out. Mike Monroe
Or the one Morrison hung out the window
Oh, I'll go for jim's
I would fancy a hotel window-hanging, myself, tonight, man

Straight over to the mini-bar
Move over Whitney Houston, I'm not losing 
By the way woman, yo, my name's not Susan 
It's the Akenyel, I rock well and with more clientel 
Then a guy