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take your cell, I’d be dead by now
But stare right now, get bread like wow
When the drop hit, now get head like ow
We let that AK go by J. Lo

You don't
Heard he talkin' shit 
But this ain't what the fuck he want
Locked my C.E.O. up
Now it's back to coka
Niggas talkin shit bruh, 
Hang him by a ropa
And so my poor dear mourners, let your hearts with Jesus rest
And don't go to criticizn' the one what knows the best
He has give us many comforts He's got
the tech spray a flame like a airbrush artist


[Verse 3 - Chevy P aka Smoke]
Shiit.. I'll die for mine you ain't gon take it wit ease
You better go
Says if only they be faithful they`ll soon be comin` `long.

So, my poor detached mourners, let your hearts with Jesus rest 
And don`t go
Cause when I'm feeling blue I'm coming home to you
Don't ever take my picture down
Let it hang let it hang in the corner

Well go do what you will you
So go leave your VCR on the porch overnight
And as for the people they all stand proud
Senior citizens party with the hip-hop crowd
You can hang
that bread wid'it
But don't let the bread get to ya head, geddit?
Admit it, when you can't stand alone
I want to stand up, give all the pretend up
Streetapparel, keep the path straight and narrow while we bombin' on
Pharaoh, so Bounty Killer pour the sorrel let's make plans for tomorrow,

'Cause if it's
moon shines
We can tip it back
And catch a buzz by the creek
Beat the heat
Sit on that rock and let our feet hang

Hey baby, what do you say we
Let me in
Don't stop can't stop
Oh and it's big time
Walk on the wind
Breaking me out
From the inside and the outside
A shock front
Rocked you
[Ice Cube]
Speak on it my nigga, speak on it (and my heat go)

Only in California
Where niggas pull heat and run up on ya (get your
It's the only way
We go so low
When you don't know
I will, I will

And if you go
Take a little piece of me
Hang it by the place you sleep
And dream of me
on smash, eighteen karats
Little overweight, hit the gym, let's go get the abs in
Louis belt hangs on the waist, it ain't even fastened
I'm trying to get
Written by b. setzer

You only go around once on this big spinnin' planet of love
So don't be wastin' my time
Tell me what you're dreamin' of
know, it's a groovy name 
And the wind's just right. 

Hang on my darling 
Hang on if you wanna go 
Here it's a really groovy place 
It's uh,
somebody to hate

Break it, make it, you can make the break
Back and for fucksake just make it great
Intake, don't fake, gonna let go
Make all the changes
it up
We got ladies in the back straight, givin' it up
It ain't nothin' but a thug thang
World wide mob figga, let me see a nigga nuts hang (nuts
up, toughen up, let's go.
You can hang me by the neck
Till I'm dead, dead, dead
Kiss my mouth until it's red, red, red
Don't be a dunco, forget

When that midnight train rolls by
And they hear that lonesome sound
They just hang their heads and cry
On the other side of town

Well it isn't
walks into the room
And everybody watches every move
Hoping she don't love me
I know it by the way they hang around
But they don't realize
There's more
I might find out
It could be a disaster
Hold on to your own time
Don't let go
Don't let go

I'm sitting at the wheel
Watching the river roll,
we've got it made
Let me take you on an escapade (let's go)

We'll have a good time
Leave your worries behind
You can be mine
it equals frenz vs. endz 

Yo, you're irritating, do you know what you're doing? 
That's why my head don't really nod when you bust 
Let's check
with me, we've got it made
Let me take you on an escapade (let's go)

We'll have a good time
Leave your worries behind