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always held your hand
(By your side)
Everyday you couldn't stand
(I'll hold on) to see you rise again
(I'll still love) You 'til the bitter end
the blackness
Oh darkest hell
Hands moved by the tongue of the serpent
Bringer of vengeance
Blind to forgiveness

Suffer in the fires of repentance
felt so good
And feed from their hand's
Confuse by opposites

Put into jars
We'll save this earth
Put into jars
Keep safe this earth

We can't
the hand that feeds you, don't think he'll
Keep coming back for more
'Cause this is real life not the movies girl, I've told you that before
But if you
bitter mystery
Hurts the one you need
It's a devil inside of me
That takes control, it bites the hand that feeds

Last night just one word
I threw it
felt so good
And feed from their hand's
Confuse by opposites

Put into jars
We'll save this earth
Put into jars
Keep safe this earth

We can't
a greater part.
The lesser loyalties depart,
And neither race nor creed remain
From bitter searching of the heart.
Not steering by the venal chart
is what I left behind
The knowledge, brought to the world
Is growing with a bitter taste
In a dream I saw things that will be
Centuries away
So feed
the kind that relieves

You've got the instruments of pleasure at the end of your sleeves
My craving feeds at the palm of your hand, palm of your hand
to our bitter end

Your wasting our time (turn the lights out when you leave)
When everything's said and done
We're dead and buried

And will this
bitter sweet
But I don't care
I've known the garden

Bye-bye roses
I got me a hand that's bitter sweet
But no regrets
I've known the garden
the world segregates
The day has come, the end is at hand
The earth a corpse, a barren waste land
Cower in fear, humanity prays
Blood upon, our final days
on the beach is crying
Boy on the beach cries a river of tears.
Woman by the river
Can you taste my love?
Taste my love?
You is the mouth where my river ends
the People" for a ride

When its dog eat dog, you are what you eat
Just like the mad dog that bites the hand that feeds
Like the mad dog that bites the hand
a hallelujah? Thank you Jesus

This is necessary
This is necessary
Life feeds on life feeds on life feeds on life feeds on
This is necessary
This is
are lost in the game
Media corruption

You'll be amused 
By the things we do to you
But in the bitter end
The clown is you

End of the line
I can't sleep beneath the trees of wisdom 
When your ax has cut the roots that feed them 
Forked tongues in bitter mouths 
Can drive a man
bite the hand that feeds
Hurt, the heart that leads me
Trying so hard to explain
Feelings deep within me

I got my suspicions, I could never win
forever ends when everything becomes nothing the time has come to see how bitter the razor tastes I couldn't give you the satisfaction to sew your hands
around your neck
Distorted all your views until the bitter end.
Carry the cross,
The cross of burden
Only memories remain
Looking for new life
the bitter end
I said that it feels like the bitter end
I said here it comes
It's the bitter end
with such a heavy hand

But in the end
You're gonna find that strength that lies within
And in the end
All you need is the comfort of a friend
As redesigned through their own eyes.

And in the end all of these trends
Will be revealed by the author of history.

History, reciting
Returned from a hibernal dream
Voices fell like marble
No longer by my side
Gone all that would linger 

Ripped from my embrace
But We End Up Nowhere 
And Everyone Knows You Can't Run Forever 
It Seems That Just Wanting Something 
Don't Mean It's Gonna Be 
We Played By