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When You Find Out Who You Are Lyrics
It's of a strange and furious time
When men did speed to pray
Along the road of discontent to gods of gold
shit before
I say "ah ha o yeah you're right"
'Cause I see Betty X standing by the door

With more news from nowhere
More news from nowhere
in his own bloody pool
I ran but was caught by the soldiers 

They bound me and beat me and put me on trial
It was all cut and dried, it took
Crimson tide
Wave of lost time
Scenario of a velvet blue sky
I dreamt about day
But I lived in the night
I looked and I saw
That in my dream I was
I'm the solstice of the day
I bring news from the blues of the Caspian"
My man laughs, he's one them crazy motherfuckers
Turn the music back up -