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Rush hour traffic
Always puts me in a bad mood
I got chewed out by the boss today
And now I'm stuck on highway ninety two

Then you call me on my
Key Largo
Runnin' Nat narcotic
By George he got it
Takin' makin' the G erotic
And the fiends they scheme
So he can put 'em down
But his method is
stop, when the dope stop
When the fed rush in the dope spot
And your main man tell 'em how the coke drop
How he rain danced with me by the boat dock
squallin by the fox
My player never chops take off your shoes and socks 
your bottoms and your tops you don't need it 
The pool's heated you want to be
It's the brown child, better version of the story
Sees Conji, a sister, mother played by Tori
In Astoria, kid named Tiki took the cake
The greens