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B.o.B. play the guitar
(B.o.B., B.o.B., B.o.B., B.o.B.) play the guitar
B.o.B. play the guitar
(B.o.B., B.o.B., B.o.B., B.o.B.) play the guitar

Hello Mr. D.J. won't you play a song for me'
The girl I love just said good-by and I'm blue as I can be
Oh please Mr. D.J. play that song I heard you
[K:] By touching me with your penis?!
[J:] YES! By fucking touching your penis!
written by your favorite singer
The type of song that you turn into an ring tone
I get this feeling every time I think of you
And I know,you're the perfect
little pleats

Smoked pot and sat around all day

Bought a guitar but didn't try to play

Summertime in '83

I didn't need a j-o-b

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we'd walk
And passers by, would shudder with delight
Mmm! Good times

And there was this man
All the cats were there
Just dirty enough to say, "We
will be waiting by the phone
And if you have to go away
I'll put your records on
Pretend you're still at home

Now that I'm older
I sit at home
the relics were found) and
Interred here in Santiago...I picked up a CD collection of music emanating from
The pilgrimage route to Santiago, as well as a CD by
they Turner-All by all types of rings and j clothes
I went and got some Ernie Ball strings and a rig for shows
Wig-wearin' hoes love my long solos
so much soul
You brought about another tour
Don't forget your four by four

Can't buy yr Miss Right
Many girls will spend the night
Stop thinkin'
South Tacoma Way
By Neko Case and her Boyfriends
From Furnace Room Lullaby

Chords transcribed by Warren
it til it get threw away
Try to fit the rest of this g of diesel into a J

Kief on my hands
Kush on my pants
Shift in my plans
Task to complete
f-o-h-n, it's a kind of wind
Yeah, I know what you mean by wind

G for Gnarly,
I for irk
H is for hour
J for jalapeño
Good in either corn or flour
Well ya never quite forget the first tape you buy
Mine was Naughty By Nature back when OPP was hot
Who'd have thought that I could ever turn out this
Well Johnny Mae And William J 
 Hitched a ride from sunny L.A. 
 With a soldier who'd gone AWOL Stockade bound 
 And they got off in the Texas
Mercedes 'dolmus '
The ubiquitous, Arab, shared taxi drew up
I turned out my pockets and shrugged at the driver
" J'ai pas de l'argent "
" Venez! " A soft
K-H-J Los Angeles!
Portions of today's programming are reproduced by means of electrical transcriptions or tape recordings
You can hear the music
dealer was thinkin'
But he toted the note on Loretta Lynn's Lincoln

Well, I throwed my ol' guitar in that big back seat
And I steered her on out
ain't even did commercials for Coca Cola
Start biting on the shock, watch what tough sold her

G, and they wonder why J.I. bragging
I done spit so much
Yeah, it's the return of three drunk mothafuckas
Huh, yeah, it's Tha Liks
We gots Stan the guitar man in the house
Mothaclucka, uh, uh

I'm sick
so I can't go wrong
I write rhymes, Gemini my sign
I got a nine I don't rhyme about mine
I spit, it's legit, never stopped by cops
Comin up with
blowin it out rock juice 
Like a electric guitar,bounce to da sky like I'm tryna shoot 
The stars and when I say what I do and I say what I've done
a bunch of kids possibly sell more than me 
and Randy Travis kickin all that country madness?
Failing star, failing guitar or a banjo
Your whole artform

[Prince Paul]
Prince P-A-you-L, all you stung

This D.J.'s for ya at-ten-tion

    (guitar playing and instrumentation)