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At the age of twelve years he first killed his man.
Fair Mexican maidens play guitars and sing
A song about Billy, the boy bandit king
How ere his young
At the age of twelve years he did kill his first man.

There's Mexican maidens play guitars and sing
Songs about Billy, their boy bandit king
'Ere his young
play guitars and sing
Songs about Billy their boy bandit king
Before this young manhood reached its sad end
He'd a notch on his pistol for twenty one men
At the age of twelve years he did kill his first man.

There's Mexican maidens play guitars and sing
Songs about Billy, their boy bandit king
'Ere his young
and shout
Dreamy haze pop stars
The boys came about that Mersey beat sound
Of crude little sketches of guitars

Well, they heard of a sound from a faraway
When I was a boy about the age of ten
Got some old records by the blues men
Found a big connection to my lonely life
I couldn't wait to learn some
I met her down in Tampa Bay
Spring Break '88
She came in to hear my band play
And man, we were on that night
Twin guitars and twenty minute jams
hands and smile
All willin' to bear yr child
State of rock is pathetic
Yr songs are prophetic
Yr a 20th century poet
Come on boy, don't ya know it?
Guilty, we the unfree!
Dead men walking

I'm a genius from books now, Never read on the street.
Never lifted a fuckin' weight, now my boys concrete.
I was waiting in the express lane with my twelve items or less
At the checkout counter at the local grocery store
I was only passing by
But a paper
(Ray Tyson)
Postal border was makin' me mad
So I get up in my cruiser, broke out of the pad
Rolled to the West Side to check out my boys

Hey, genius, you even know what that means?
Uh, uh, what does it mean?
Where's the keyboards and the tambourine and the guitar
And you know, I mean,
Universal as I stroll down the street
Africas's a bolling over flowing inside of me
I used to sport a curl made by Jerry
A Jerry curl
but as time
ready for that (Statik)
Detroit vs. Everybody

I took a bite out the rotten apple by the poison tree
All these females need to email to make noise
Yeah, it's the return of three drunk mothafuckas
Huh, yeah, it's Tha Liks
We gots Stan the guitar man in the house
Mothaclucka, uh, uh

I'm sick
wasn't nothin' he could do about it, and the judge 
Wasn't gonna look at the twenty-seven 8 by 10 colored glossy pictures with 
The circles and arrows
a motherfuckin' genius and you in some bad shit
Step 'round a corner with my crewneck on
Hammer can't touch me, man I'm too hands on
I don't know you man, we
the whole feel
And it's wield by the regiments of the steel

Word up, MC Lyte, my boys GangStarr
The D.O.C., Eazy-E, Salt-n-Pepa, Whodini
Grandmaster Flash,
Each line I spit was born with 20 brothers
In order for him to live, I had to sacrifice the others
I love 'em like a mother, from the moment that I
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You all doin' alright? You ok? I'm not screamin at ya, I'm just askin you a question. y'all givin'