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They said a country boy, came through and then - changed the game
If you what you got ain't hot then - check your flame
If what you
then, check your flame
If what you spittin ain't hittin then, check your aim
Your record sales start to slip and then,  Nelly to blame
Now who you know
Why why'all keep hatin, me and P be ridin by (bye bye)

[King Jacob]
Dirty I'm outta control, catch me out on the road
Drivin too
Welcome to Nellyville, where all newborns get a half-a-mill'
Sons, get the tan DeVille, soon as they can reach the wheel
And daughters,
my dirty Jesse James
The CEO of dirty and he go by Cornell Haynes
Mean-mugging all you niggas like I hopped up out your dame
I'm like uh-oh, there
something, you know what I'm on 


I get a hundred-fifty thou' to make the crowd go (Ho!)
I might fly by you in that Diablo (Hey!)
I do pay for something, you know what I'm on 


I get a hundred-fifty thou' to make the crowd go (HO!)
I might fly by you in
Froze up, everything that you can see around me,
My neck, wrist, arm, the whole nine.
I done took you best shot, now, dirty, you hold mine.
stomping in my air force ones

I like the all white high top strap with the gum bottom
(Big boy) there's something bout them that's dirty that's
Oogin oh, holdin it down believe me
It's feezy's of the heezy, We be in somebody's basement beats by Jason
And Gran call me Chris and Jason

and the mustangs
Code name Nelly got messages on the tele
By Lisa, Tomika, Angela, Rachel, and Sister Shelly

Oh really, you say some of these names might ring
for Visine
Five bitches right behind me, more flashin' than high beams
Like, Nelly, where you goin', can I go? By all means

Keep the door open,
P.I. Yeah, aye, wussup 'cause, it's going down
East side yeah, your boy sean p, nelly, pimp see, aye

my paint too wet bitch, never pay my set bitch
the Mobb was deep
That hung the Son of Man who died just to bring back the lost sheep
On all streets all peeps naughty by nature
Whether you biggie or small
[Chorus: Nelly]
Oh, baby girl like to shake a lot, wiggle wiggle
Do your thug thizzle we'll make it 
Oh, baby girl like to shake a lot, wiggle wiggle
The chicken and whatcha do is sticken and believe dirty is
Through the door throwback Vokal galore watchin me fresh off
Tour hittin the
Floor take it
to be the boss, up in this here floss shit
Hit the lot went by the knot, don't even ask what the cost is
It's hot in the Dirty South, you know the top got
Holdin' on to her waist while I hit it from the back
If she come wit 'Pussy Popper' she ain't never comin' back
Rough sex, talkin' dirty, yea she into all
the name H doe, I'm into pesos
V.I.P. and champagne by the caseloads
Doubles get you from that bar, and get you right
Or get you bent, whatever you like
started takin it off
Took her to the V.I.P., started breakin me off
Said she knew I was a baller by my iced out wrists
I told her "Wait, it don't stop, keep
Five and countin', dirty six at will
Did seven on the slide, 8 worldwide
I'll be on my third Bentley by the time I'm at 9
I hear 'em cryin, "You
Acolla, dirty, I know ya heard me
'Cause I'm forty-eight plus negative thirty, Murphy perverted
And you know that, be in strip clubs where the shows
over the rainbow
I write rhymes that jam more than jelly
So call me the Arthur without the Fonzarelli, or Nelly
'Cause I am so bad when it comes
five-ten, weighin one-seven-one
But if you close your eyes, swore you're gettin crushed by a bum
Be like "oh Nelly, can I call you Mr. Hanes?"
Whichever one
the hoes get down
I know you like Nelly, like Kelly, Ludacris
Try to run game on me you punk bitch
I know you don't love me

[Tony Yayo]
Gators and ostrich,