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With a picture by Sam a painting by John
And a bonnie black hoss to lead you along
Lucky green wagon you were raggedy brown
Now there is red
With fully-fashioned mugs, that's Little John's thugs,
The Barking Slugs - supersmugs!
For today is the day when they sort it out, sort it out,
One for the money and two for the show
Three for the busker who plays by the road
They say life's a bitch, and then you die
And if wishes were
go ahead, yell
Put your hand in the air, bring the liberty bell
I give you the John Hancock if you don't tell
Let's have the Boston Tea party, what
the scenery, sipping green tea
The old head dropped gems in the yard like Mr. Feeny
Now I'm pulling up to Leanly
With Santini, Houdini in a zucchini-colored
make the music just for you!
Nothing, nothing like an idiot!

Call me John Bon Journo, hopping out the Volvo
Ratchet on the leg, dipping from
on the floor
I'm like John Travolta, suede blazing with my chest showing
Rings and them hard jeans, please, I'm comfy in the spot
So I'm never handcuffing my