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Georgie-Porgie, all night long
How was I to know what I was in for
I had it rockin' and a rollin' for a while, by George

By, by, by, by George

We bought
Feel like making love
George benson
Strollin' in the park, watching winter turn to spring
Walkin' in the dark, seein' lovers do their thing
of the love?s greatest episode
From the bed to the wall
On the floor by the fire place
Make a night to remember
Years from now 
We can still replay
Do it once
Speaking language only we know, you think is an accent
The windows roll down all I see is a hand pass it
Hotboxing like George Foreman grilling
"segregation tomorrow" 

"the white man"

and segregation forever"

He's an enemy to all of us."
money off us
Fast food, cola sodas, skull and bone crosses

It's all poison, ecstasy, coke
You say it's love, it is poison
Schools where I learned they
Are all inhabited by slowly-aging
'very hip young people',
They appear to be casting
Sinister glances toward him
Through their glinting acid burn-