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Thought about 'em as it started to snow
Time stops for nothing or no one
This train keeps rollin along
From here to the great beyond
black somke,
Liza was a lesbian who lived in the Bronx
She used to make me dinner when the winters were long
Liza packed a pistol and a train to St. John
Leavin' niggaz in poverty 

Three black motherfuckers pulled off a great train robbery 
Took all those motherfuckers ducats 
But hey, what I
a ticket and the train leaves by quarter to four
I can see her now with the great big eyes waitin' at the station door
Ain't that fine ain't that fine
the sounds dragged from the trains
They leave a trail of rust in the rains
Great lakes are spilling across the great plains
They swallow up everything

snuck them through your town at night
Right behind your back
On our little train (x2)

The second car's just painted black
What's in it nobody knows
In another life
You and I worked West Virginia coal mines
Side by side
Collecting the black dust like sin
The day the main shaft caved in
as black as a crow in a coal mine
She cried when her little girl got off the train
Her brothers and her sisters came down from Jackson, Mississippi
the large with ammunition

[9th Prince]
I'm in deep meditation like the great Indian monk Dowmo
Lyrical desperados thrown like a torpedo from black masks like
hair, long, black and fake
Her skin is caped, nails done up by fuckin stakes

Gotta somethin to make, checkmate, the plan is goin great
He asked
Of truth, Asiatic discipline's frightenin
some who act dumb embraced by decadence
The weak in the wake of true black militants
Hear the call and all heed
Her dress as black as a crow in a coal mine
She cried when her little girl got off the train
Her brothers and her sisters came down from Jackson,
Napoleon, you know war, you know me then
I'll hunt you like a great dane
Hit you, hit you like a freight train
Run off with your fake chains
I'll give you
me out
Don't want to lose you to that great black cloud
Coming down
You see in the path a bullet makes
When it calls you by your name
And the pages draw pictures of the things that they want
I cook my dinner on the black top street
I come from the nation of heat

Outside the train station
"uh, we view each other uh, with uh, a great love and a great understanding 
and that we
try to expand this to the general, uh, black population and also
horns atop his head
In between a mop of hair that's red
And in his nose a ring of gold
It smells of monkey's feet and mold
Its toes are black
Its fur
Me, Colin, Johnny and Moe
in my drop six-eight, the perv was on, and
I was spankin, a full tank and
feelin great, tape deck, Shabba Rank-in
Call shop of horrors, Lyric just smoking in my holster 
Whip and boil, lugotan hurricane the holler
Daily operation, bullet train tingle farther
short, whether tall
Whether dense, whether length
Whether strength, whether width
Either man, animal, bird or fish
Whether, black or white, more shapes
I'm a great oasis
Yeah I'm a mirage
I'm a beam of old light from a vanquished star and I'll only guide you into the dark
I'm a parasite with
Money go to music so I'm steady stayin blue black
Painful platonic friendships, where the woman at?
I gotta ease the tension off, so now I'm thumbin
the orphans in the streets
Violin's playing as another black coffin
Speaks at the thought
Of another ignorant phone call
Who is this calling me at 5:47 in
on my born day
Bust it, sometimes I sit back and just reflect
Watch the world go by and my thought connect
I think about the time past and the time
packs, with .38's, wrapped in gift packs 

Big attitude she's on the two train, I roll like Mad Max 

Keep it simple baby young girl, now squeeze yo'