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So he had them torn apart by dogs on religious grounds they say
The great nations of Europe were quite holy in their way
Now they're gone,
of Ireland
From the Hebridean shores
With the forgotten chosen ones
Running from Europe in droves

But you made this Clan great
And you made this nation
the Big Church to the Big River
And out to the Shining Sea
This is the Land of Opportunity
And there's a Monkey Trial on TV

A nation with their
But where they grieve a candle still burns
A prayer from a flicker to a flame

But you made this Clan great
And you made this nation bloom
And you
the big church to the big river
And out to the shining sea
This is the land of opportunity
And there's a monkey trial on tv

A nation with their
[Originally by Billy Bragg]

Help save the youth of America
Help save them from themselves
Help save the sun-tanned surfer boys
of Europe and Asia could not, by force, take a drink from the Ohio River or set a track on the Blue Ridge in the trial of a thousand years. If destruction be
And no matter what you fighting for I promise that it’ll live on
Like Make America great again
Make it hate again
Make it white
Make everybody fight