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I says, "Callin' all trucks, this here's the Duck.
"We about to go a-huntin' bear."

'Cause we got a great big convoy
Rockin' through the night.
10-4 Pig Pen, fer sure, fer sure By golly it's clean clear to Flag-Town, c'mon Uh, yeah, that's a big 10-4 Pig-Pen, Yeah, we definitely got us the front
chandeliers hangin' by a thread
We're in the pink baby just two trillon in the red
And I hear gabriel blowing his saxophone
Through a great big hole in
had a bear in the air
I says Callin' all trucks, this here's the Duck
We about to go a-huntin' bear

Coz we got a great big convoy rockin' through
boys flop.
Like it or not I'm the game and 
I'm showin' up, keke got dat oil and we pourin' up,
Hit the club wit captain jack 
And big Steve
Got over 3000 songs like we on the same

You're ingrates
Know we been great
Pop a lot of shit by never to face
Come on what's the attitude?
I lock the gate, make no mistake
The Shit Is as Real as Joe, we follow the killers code
One becomes the you, tell me, where do you go?
the gate, make no mistake
The Shit Is as Real as Joe, we follow the killers code
One becomes the you, tell me, where do you go?
Nowhere to run, hide or find
miss you by your hair 
Survival of the fittest 
Hell for the three time losers 
The prisoners of enemy maneuvers 
Hold down the fort 
Coz life is
and bathrooms as big as kitchens
2000 gallon aquarium to sink my sharks in
All home on a stake, my whole crew livin great
Enter the gate unannounced and you will
it look live
They gave her forty years in New Orleans, callin me ?
Shorty was young, by three days had a great bid


You're just worms
I give drugs to the thugs price-free
Handed down the game by that nigga Ice-T
No doubt players like me
Recognize the great King Tee, about
Anthropologists, dynasties of great knowledgists
I preserve in my dome, niggas mics is full of silicone
Spot's blown, guerrilla ice on this killer's life
I put my
my n****z in-to 
Peep the issue situation like this, we stickin' him too 
JFK on our way to L.A. 
Got links with big cats down to Santa Barbre
harder on yourself, son"
I know this shit by heart, I'm too clever
"Have you ever been arrested before?"
"Nope, never"
DA reject all over his face
You see,
a great night
I dunno what you fishin' for hope you catch you a great white
Me I see great white heavy as killer whales
I cannot believe this who knew it
and the rocket sled itself got lunched! 
By a famous mountain-in and his small, wooden wife. 
Good bye to las vegas
Farewell to the lounges 
We pulled a few
mean the kind in big black cars. 
When they say killer whales. 
They mean they whaled on him until they killed him up in penetration park.

Photographic photo type static great motivated soldier
Or Wu say boulder head flower
You can detect the true and living God from the scorer
the Wu skull
Fuck yeah, televise the shit on Fox
Big Ghost'll grab the jim and un-fasten your box'
You're allergic to the fungus on Earth, Killer Bee
the strap up, you think my name was "Kid Backup"
Big niggas (spittin' noise) pick that up, or lift that up
Raised by gangstas and gamblers, hustlers, con
[Hook - 8x]

[Big Tuck]
I'm so raw so street, so off the chain
Jump on the track, and go head up with a freight train
Thanks to the Marines, I'm a killer
hope you catch you a great white
Need I say great white, heavy as killer whales
I cannot believe this, who knew it came in bails?

Who knew it came with
this bar!

By two o'clock, when the bars are already closed down, BILLY had broken 'THE BIG NEWS' to ETHELL. And with dust and boulders everywhere,
Worn by the great Rakim himself
Stitch my Dapper Dan oh man with the gun in hand
I leave your blood squirting
No offense, I'll put your face