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and pad, I'm back 

to make a killer, similar to a backstab 

Don't arrest me, arrest my brain, it's insane 

If I'm booty, then I've been framed 

doin' it

Bound by honest sword take over the set, rap from here to que-bec
Throw up the tech, crash your intellect select a vet
Swimsuit mammal
the outcome
Condition in your physical for injurin
The officer and gentleman who stack by the benjamen

Off a beat like this
I keep a night stick
a tech-9 sprayin'
your fan belt motor
Stop the bullshit, blast you hands of the hood
I pull quick 
Video tape you in a puddle of blood with razors in 
brothers better move on
You brought your wack style, from Trader Horn
Grand Puba Maxwell, not on the Hollywood tip
Here comes a brother more than *2 Legit
been here a long time
So take advantage of life cause you only got one life to live
Take it from Maxwell #66064
You don't want to end up in here for