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Was a Cherokee bride
You could find her every evening
Down by the riverside

My own Grandmother
Had a heart of gold
She had eyes like an Angel
My grandmother's house is still there
But it isn't the same
A plain wooden cottage
A patch of brown lawn
And a fence that hangs standing
My grandmother's house is still there but it isn't the same
A plain wooden cottage, a patch of brown lawn
And a fence that hangs standing
wearing white and robins egg blue, Her grandmother's dress
When I left home early this year, how I wound up here is anyone's guess
When the new sites grow
I Was Born With the Blues

When I was a young boy I liked rainy days
And the lonesome sound that a freight train made
I came by it honest
and blue 
Shred in ribbons of lithium 
Blow by blow 
Her mind cut in sheets 
Layers deep now unravelling 
Just keep your eyes on her. 
Get me Neil
the moth 
By your mother and her mother--the weavers of your cloth

Your grandmother owned a gun in 1932
When times were bad just everywhere; you said
the darkness, ever softly
She slipped on by
Down in the field
At the four roads crossing
I watched the flashing
Last blue stars of the fireflies
I stood
In a painting by Van Gogh
Saw a street covered with black snow
The people move in a nervous stripe
Of blues, red and yellow
Read your letter for
blue sky
Time to rape, scald, scar up and petrify"
So with shovel and pick they worked side by side
Till they ripped out a hole in the grandmother's
There's a love in my life neither mistress or wife
And she waits for me every morning by the sea
Where the fishing hawk wheels and the sun warms
of a blue lagoon
Now I'm crazy as a loon
Cabin fever has ravaged all aboard
This once proud vessel has become a floating psycho ward
We were sailing,
bullets recklessly in every direction
Will my grandmother be on her way to the store
For a loaf of bread and a TV Guide at that very moment
As I walk
Yea niggas, Welcome to Dade County 
Where we slang rocks that claim blocks 
And those red and blue lights just keep our streets hot 

And it's slow motion blues
I'm free
I'm free
I'm free
Cutting burned spiders
Worshipping twine
Laughing out the sugars in the sticky strange shrine
know a few
'There are 8 million stories' and they're all made up by you
That's a lie

Yo what else think when Rush, man
Gives you the biggest medallion
Heard drive-bys everyday
Seen homies die early age, though we still gang bang anyway
Uh, yeah, Figg side

Though we still gang bang anyway, uh

a record with Common Sense
Cause it's the music, the blues, it's the jazz, it's acoustics
Soul, Rock and Roll, the hip-hop that we producin', yea
do a record with common sense
Cause its the music, its blues, its jazz, its acoustics
Soul, rock and roll the hip hop we be producing yea
the heights but I wanted mine purer
Aryan, blonde hair, blue-eyed like the F├╝hrer
The judge and the jury, the jewellery mad froze
Water colors on my neck, fuck
his eye. Yes  it was this. One of his eyes 
resembled that of a vulture. A pale  blue eye with a film over it. Whenever it fell upon me  my 
blood ran
Yea niggas, Welcome to Dade County 
Where we slang rocks that claim blocks 
And those red and blue lights just keep our streets hot 

I don't want you faggots to breathe
And I might murk two in the new Smurf blue
2002 BM wagon with the B's (unuh)

[Chorus] 2X
All my niggas with
The antique people are down in the dungeons
Run by machines and afraid of the tax
Their heads in the grave and their hands on their eyes
she'd live with no arm
That's what it felt like, got to the hospital, eyes held tight
They moved her room to room-she could tell by the light