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Fruitcake (The Superions) · Who Gets the Fruitcake This Year? (Honky Tonk Confidential) · Fruitcake and Ice Cream [DVD] (Louie Giglio) · Introducing the Elmo Hope Trio (New Faces-New Sounds) (Elmo Hope) · Cinder Elmo (Sesame Street) · The Elmo Hope Memorial Album (Elmo Hope) · Elmo's Lowdown Hoedown (Sesame Street) · Sesame Street: The Best of Elmo (Sesame Street) · St. Elmo's Fire (Hutchinson, Hutch) · Elmo Says Boo (Sesame Street) – and 90 other albums »

running KSPB.
Pebble Beach, sheltered high school, like a nun on Mars
The Horris was Dr. Quin, Heavyweights gave me Lars.
"So how do you spell it? Yo,