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If the lonely night surrounds you
Yeah you're weighed down by gloom
No you don't like what it feels in
Your dark and dirty room

It'll be easier in
a chance to get you closer to me

I feel I'm on a, one way street
Moving in the wrong direction
It's a, one way street
Someone on my line, never gotta a bad
There's gotta be a better way

Together you and me will be..
Forever young..

But If I had one wish, my life to share 
Would be with you
51 states now you tell me
Who in the world gonna compensate
A hundred million lost make a nigga wait
Gotta beg the queen to get food on our plate
a chance to get you closer to me

I feel I'm on a, one way street
Moving in the wrong direction
It's a, one way street
Someone on my line, never gotta a bad
search the valleys and the hills 
You gotta find her Mr. Mills 

I can't attempt to point you in her direction 
I was blinded by the look in her eyes
I'm going lady
I need direction in my life


While I was out window gazin
I put your coat on layaway
You know I want to buy you diamonds

By now we gotta find a better way
Some how there's gotta be a
Take my hand, and follow me
While you can!
And farther than I'll ever need
'm in love
It's gotta be love

It surrounds me, ooh, like a sea of madness
It controls me, makes me do all the things I do for you
On my mind babe,
when he's out on his own

Point your gun in another direction 
now that you've cried yourself to sleep here 
In there after the fire 
I'll be home
My tears are fallin' 'cause you've taken her away
And though it really hurts me so
There's something that I've gotta say
Take good care of my
Snow came up Friday, I gotta go
Spending winter up in Buffalo
Someone I met there is calling me so
Got to escape the blues man, don't you know
shit so vicious
Get up out of my bed, I'm sick of feelin' restricted
Fans sayin' I switched
They can tell I was hurt by lookin' at my Twit pic
You know I'll be there
When he leaves you lonely
'cause I wanna be your one and only

Oh honey you gotta blow out the candle
Is a new flame too much
He gave me a tuna can 

Then he stopped in his tracks 
And he said, "Hey Goat! 
Would you like to live with me? 
I've got a house with
"sure why not? I got no family. You seem like a nice guy."
So we went off to America,
The home of apple pie.

On the boat the Old Man told me,
I would be
Fall like rain
When you throw your arms around me
A world of walls surround me
I'm all right hope we'll be ok

I've got a heart full of hate
I know it hurts sometimes but you just gotta take a step
Ain't no one gonna hear ya havin' pity on yourself
If he hurts you three times don't go
on the line)
Looking at headlines, it's all a lie
But who are you and I to decide, (Just tryna get by)
And that's pure, like virgin blood mixed with 1-51 one sip
Nothing in life is guaranteed
I never know just were I'm going lady
I need direction in my life

Then anything you wanna do baby
You know I'll be down for
Sent me to deathrow,
Watchin' the time by fly past
But Rip'll be sittin' mindless never spineless, in silence
Hoping I die fast, but chill,
Never do,
my side
I gotta have you around, right here by my side

So where's my moonshine
'Cause I'll be all up in the club with you yeah
So where's my
There's nothing that can't be done 
If we raise our voice as one
They've gotta hear it from me 
They've gotta hear it from you 
They've gotta hear it
A deeper love inside

Guess you need a new direction
Let me help you to decide
In the mirror, your reflection
Won’t be me right by your side

They surround you
And all that amounts too
Is love that you fed by
Perversion and pain

So if my affections
Are misunderstood
And you decide
I'm up