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29 years is a long, long time 
To be in this prison 
When there ain't no crime 

Well every move's a betrayal, every move's your loss 
But I can
Run around the corner
Fell asleep in the sun
You had to move into the shade
Before you fire the gun

We got a hunger for destruction
Need someone
Don't sit around and dream
Let's do the natural thing

You're thinking, maybe I'm just breaking the rules
By coming on a little strong
But I got
Daddy don't mind what daddy don't see 

Sass makes the move she straightens her seams 
Joe checks in the mirror he thinks he's James Dean 
He pulls
[Busta Rhymes]
Why'know, my homey Treach from Naughty by Nature once said, 
"If you ain't from the ghetto, don't come to the fuckin' ghetto." 
A friend of mine was a workin' hard, savin' all his pay
Like Jesse James, the IRS stole most of it away
Then he got chased by a street gang

And he finally
Ain't no ride like a 65 Mustang
Ain't no cool like James Dean cool
Ain't no man alive tough as ol' John Wayne
And ain't no woman like you

Ain't no
Gotta be strong and handle, it is real
Pussy killz
Mad shots keep a nigga open
Bitch have a nigga's gun smoking
Pussy killz

My nigga james got
When it rains it pours down
Used to wanna be king said the reign is on now
King me like james straight out of high school
To the big games but you
Cant understand some of these 
Rhymin' in circles
Now patriotic emcees
On bent knees 
By six degrees
Lord have mercy
Even the voice of god
takin a run?
'joyin the sun, havin fun?
I got a posse, a beeper, and money
And you're lookin fly - like a bunny"
"James, let her in, she's approachin
with its tongue out in the dark

And the foliage is howling without symmetry
And I ain't got no asbestos anymore
'Cause you move me up and down into
with its tongue out in the dark

And the foliage is howling without symmetry
And I ain't got no asbestos anymore
'Cause you move me up and down into
Just to put the Horsemen on the map
(The gold rush)

[LBC Crew]
Born is Doggystyle, individual, James got the hots
I got the six shots for all
Now I can move my body when I'm dancin' at a party
Like a ballerina that's drunk on Bacardi
I start to think of pop-and-twist
You think James Brown
a good hick to hold a brick for they dude
Behind the bullshit, me and my clique on the move
We honor the code of the street and live by the rules (in
James family rest in peace

[Verse 1:]
I grew up in a house with my mother
Didn't have my punk ass father
Cuz he felt it was his time to move on
of 12 actors named Cory
Shows for next fall, they already been namin
CSI: Boise, and Touched by an Uncle
Both sound pretty lamen, and so does everybody
because he got high
And daisy dukes when you walk by, I swat thighs
Let the good times roll and let the top fly

And when we are all looking back (one
LeBron James on that break
Real estate with that lake
Shootin' from half court got you by a long shot
Montana, that nigga from the Bronx block

Bitch I'm

Pass it off I want to flip (I got the loaded clip)
Pass it off and move back (I'm reachin in my napsack)
Pass it off I want
Of raw rhyme and I got mine, Aquemini's
Murderous monster move minds
Did it so hard that it oughta be a crime
When you see I'm comin' holla one-time, holla

[Y. Hova] 
I brought (holla) the whole hood with me

[Big Boi] 
You got red dirt in your afro

[Y. Hova] 
Young Hov' in the place to be
She's got the time
Says she's got time on her side
Running the room
Commanding the late boys' eyes

She runs around
Knows all the streets by name
motto, a true desperado
Rappers want to be actors
So they play the Jesse James character
And get they bones fractured
You ain't got no guns, you off