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Written by Warren Zevon 1970 United Artists/ c. 1996 EMI Capitol Records Special Markets

Jungle telephone
Ding a dong ding ding _____ with a red mud
At Lucy's El Adobe by the Paramount
Margaritas under black palm trees
I've got time, no one is waiting for me

I went looking for Warren Zevon's Los
Written by Warren Zevon. 
When you're all alone
And you need someone
Telephone and I'll come runnin'
Reconsider me

If the past still makes you
Written by Warren Zevon 1994
Music Corporation of America Inc. BMI

They say the devil's in the details
I know what they mean
I'm walking in
Written by Warren Zevon 1982 Zevon music BMI

You can't find him
The way is dim
You feel like giving up
You ache for her
Rest assured
It's never too
Written by Warren Zevon 1991 Zevon Music
Administered by Warner-Tamberlane Publishing Corp. BMI

I'm getting tired of you
You're getting tired of me
Written by Warren Zevon 1995 Zevon Music BMI

I was getting used to you
You went and changed your tune
Now you've got me so confused
I can't tell