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The rest will watch their future die,
They're real life, say goodnight
It's time to let out the dead, dead come alive,
We have the flag for
It's late at night we had a fight and I can't sleep 
It's not alright 

I've gotta go by your place so we can make up face to face
How long can this go on
Singing myself to sleep
And you're haunting every memory
Goodbye, get out, of my life

Cause I'm drowning when I close
a crowd of people at the sideshow.
I couldn't figure out why they would want to wait in line.

I pulled back the drape thing on the tent.
There was
Kick it off with a record time, tie breaking lullabies
By then you'll sing it, can you sing it?
Hopes galore in 1985, before the starting line
She will never know
When she tells you goodnight
The feeling that you hide
When she lays by your side

When you stand
All the faults of a man
to black on niggas
Gotti, goodnight, I'm gone
I be back when they quit living through phones
When niggas put the gram down and pick the grams up
You got

Goodnight and thank you

She won't be kept happy by her nights on the tiles
She says it's his body, but she's after his files
So get back
has heard about every line
And I bet you’re the owner of a married man
So maybe I’ll say goodnight
She said I’ll be awaiting at the holiday in

Even those gray hairs are now starting to appear
And there are lines under my eyes
That never used to be this size
Even though it could be due

He made a promise he couldn't keep.
I bet he's not losing a bit of sleep,
Over how you're getting down the line.
Now don't you fret, now

Goodnight and thank you

She won't be kept happy by her nights on the tiles
She says it's his body, but she's after his files
So get back
Blue Cyclone, Oooh

Well my wife went out of town 'bout a year or so back
And left me at home by myself to batch,
And after five straight nights
learned the ins and outs to where the bodies is laid
I been around tha block and brought it back with rap
Hit lines to get tha jones to put it down like
misread the lines in the palm of my hand
Cause, they're random scars caused by slap boxin' with landlords
I ran with the dogs till I realized they were all
Cocaine in my nostril here
White lines chopped in the cloudy mirror
Heart beat telling me to slow it down
I ain't listening I can hear it loud
man. No, fuck with me for real Scoob
BS - Alright, man look here. I'm gonna run in this store man. I'll holler at you. You got my line. Hit me up
Rat -
starting shit, I like ending shit
I don't squash the beef, I don't bend a bit
It ain't intricate
I'm gon' shoot your stupid ass
You too could laugh, you gon'
all some killers
But look into the eyes of a ghetto child influenced by the street
Go to sleep to gunshots, wake up from the sirens of the police