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Touched by a butterfly on my way home 
Flying who knows where 
Walking down that dusty road 
Without a care 

The sun was shining up in the country
green, just a poor boy's dream
She makes me feel like country green

Summer rain falls down the chimney
Umm, makes a puddle on the floor
It's so good
want to know
You sure told me so
Don't you let a good thing go

What coast are you on? What country?
Is it raining there? Is it morning or midnight?
Saint Stephen with a rose, in and out of the garden he goes,
Country garden in the wind and the rain,
Wherever he goes the people all complain.
arms stretched out open wide
I want to keep you satisfied in the morning sun
By my side, come on, come on run, all right, hey, hey
In the country
the birds sing in the early morning
I feel the warmth of a fire in the winter and I feel the rain as it moinstens my brow
I'm a part of family with God
The morning is humming, it's a quarter past nine
I should be working down in the vines
But I'm lying here with a good friend of mine
sink, singin' those great old country songs.
She didn't think anyone was home... man she could really sing.
She laughed loud;
She laughed deep down in
So yeah, basically
A lot of people ask me how life was then
So here it is

My old home smelled of good birth
Boiled red beans, kernel oil
He's stuck in rush hour traffic and he's sayin'
"Oh, I shoulda bought that farm in the country
I woulda been home by now
I woulda been milkin' cows
the mists of the morning

The snakes and the spiders were sadly performing
The bark of the dogs kept up the warning
Inside the wood.
Special guest vocalist, Mike's dad: Bob McCormick
(Mike's dad appears courtesy of Mike's mom)

There once was a time when the country was wide.
Thirty-eight strands we through em on the table
Sampled em all one by one I was able
They all taste good, defeated to smoke
Next the two footer, I wanted