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Workin' to the bone just to try to have a voice

When Friday night comes
I'm gonna turn up the noise
Like a good, good, good cowboy
Oh, yeah, alright
Was another beer drinkin' Friday afternnon at Jimmy's tavern
This cowboy he came struttin' in with a big cigar in his mouth a total stranger
And damn I love my Nascar race
Any song sung by George Strait
Is country at it's best

Yes I love good cold beer
And mustard on my fries
I love a good loud
no matter how hard I try
I'm gettin' really good at barely gettin' by

Got everything I own
By the sweat of my brow
From my four-wheel drive to my
everything to me
Guess I just couldn't see
What it was she was missin'
Slow dancin' and long kissin'
Dinner on a friday night
Wine by the candle light

Yeah, man.

Yeah, I hear ya.

Here we go...


Cowboy junkies on the radio
Singin' some ol' funky tune
L.A.X. around six
I scootch you through the hood, then we gone get up in these tricks 
It's Friday night 

Two players in a black 5-0-0 
Slidin' down
In the black bucket hearse with the rusty grill a chrome
Pickin' up the homies, we get em one by one
If you ain't psychopathic ryda boy you cannot
Spilled my drink on you on purpose so we could have a good laff
Watch some flick
Cuddle, play
Watch that chick
Sip champagne
Clothes off
ain't for hoes)

It's a good thing that we're rappin'
If it wasn't for the rappin', we'd be mackin'
It's a good thing that we're rappin'
If it wasn't for
Or stayin at relatives well get a place of our own
And even though the feelin was good
Don't get it twisted naw money we still in the hood
Now a years gone by