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I'm tryin' to comeback but it's too late
'Cause I know that you'd be

Already gone, you're already gone
Baby, come back, don't turn away, away
you'll be gone and I'll be left alone
With memories of a love that passed me by

If you're ever feeling blue and want me back again
I'll be waiting here
, we started off in heaven
I'll be gone, gone, gone, we ended up in hell
So don't waste my time with one more lie, it's too late to apologize
By the time
When at the beach? 
Can't walk or talk or stand. 
I guess I'll write it in the sand. 

But the days gone by 
For sure! 
But tomorrow's back 
I hope it's too late,
And you're already to far, gone
'cause my heart aches,
Whenever I'm away too long

'cause if I miss you, even by a minute,
(Miracles gone wrong)
Is it too late to call and tell you to be strong?
Are you alive?
(Miracles gone wrong)
Was the poison in our
But she won't and I didn't by now I'm leavin' town
This time tomorrow I'll be gone this time tomorrow I'll be gone

I'll be a datin' those
It's not good for a man to be alone
But a women needs someone that she can count on
And I walked down by the river in the cold gray dawn
Love is like
west I'll turn them around
Anything that's got four wheels I'll try to commit down
Because I hate to think about my babe if I get back to Louisville too
misunderstood, I've been mistreated
Somehow I knew you would not take back what you said
I've been misunderstood but your wish in granted
By daylight I'll be gone
waiting for you
When you treat me like you do

You can't keep me hanging on
Now the magic's gone
I'm over dreaming over you
It's much too late
I just want you back 
Just say you'll take me 
It just can't be over 
You took away your phone calls and kisses, 
I thought that we were closer
I am come back in from the cold
I didn't even have to try and I'm gone out of here without notice
I'm gone out Dockland without a care in the world
under the bridge,
You should know by now girl that's all this is

It's a little too late
I'm a little too gone,
A little too tired of just hangin' on
looked and I'll be dogged if that money wasn't gone! 
Would you run that by me one more time?
Gone astray
Misplaced the keys to all my churches
Seems I've chased all my angels away
So I bleed
Gimme speed
While I'm running back to you
Christina, and N'Sync
Why even bother, we'll all be gone by next week

looked and I'll be dogged if that money wasn't gone! 
Would you run that by me one more time?
I'm never scared so you know your boy'll be back around
This time I'll be gone for a little while
Girl let me come home

Girl I'm back to claim what

Hold everything till I come home
No matter how long I'm gone
Don't be tempted by their money and booze
Nobody's gonna fill my shoes.
See you must understand
I can't work a nine to five
so I'll be Gone...'Til November

Said I'll be Gone 'Til November
I'll be Gone 'Til November
He's gone
2000 miles
Is very far
The snows falling down
It's colder day by day
I miss you

The children were singing
He'll be back
When I'm gone
When I'm gone

Roll my vertebrae out like dice
Let my skull be a home for the mice
Let me bleach like the bones on the beach
you'd say 
How do we stay in the war zone 
Bizzy Bone, gotta phone and then lay on the floor gone, goin' on 
Probably know we read 
It's hard to be in
I looked and I'll be dogged if that money wasn't gone! 

Would you run that by me one more time?

Ha ha would you run that by me one more time