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And I'm usually in the bed by nine

But I still like a cold beer and a long dirt road
And listenin' to some Keith Whitley on the radio
Don't mean I
Announcer: Can I have your attention please?
Keith: On my way to JFK 
Announcer: Final boarding for flight 655 at Gate 14
Keith: I don't want
Roll up a fat one and pass it around
Lay back hypnotized by The Neptunes sound
My peoples always see me and they think I'm on point
So they roll me
to give her your keys 

Tell her to call you tomorrow or give you a beep 

Cause tonight, you going home with me, ya heard? 


Now, is it
Yes you are, gold gold rush girl

[Verse 2: Macklemore]
Dolce Gabbana, Prada, Ralph Violet
No nada won't holler
Going in for my pockets
on over) By the house so we can get it going Don't act like that bitch, cause I know you hoein Could you bring your friend, the one that both like And could