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And comin' in you get the 3rd world war

Tuesday after school
We put our pennies on the rails
And when the train went by
We were jumpin' round
had it with you makin' the rounds
You got nothing to say

But you keep on comin' around
And manage to cut me inside
You're charged 3rd degree sensual
haters hating
I'm 3rd degree say I'm to gutta homie 4 T.V.
I'm who these white folks don't want they kids 2 see
But I'm the new owners of these fucking
stand the heat
'Cause it's comin' out the kitchen givin' burns 3rd degree
Get you ace bandages and alo vera for the barbeque
The closer to the Lotus
in the 3rd degree
And to the kids you don't wanna be me
I'm up in the mix of action, where niggas wanna kill me
But it's the start of they ending my
restless, tryna tell 'em that I'm hotter than a burn of the 3rd degree,
Then I try to tell 'em that nobody in the world as hot as me! me,
If you really
I couldn’t lie I keep my message like 3rd degree
Burn you inside, ain’t wanna fire my lady, yea
Wait till I’m 88 then I’ll have the key
my n**** Mr. Herb

Take a toke as your heart goes full arrest
I got tha bomb so n****, f*** tha rest
Ya need a 3rd to get ya flowin' and let that
Man, I'm like the Feds, I bring down your establishment
Under the Rico, I purchased my 3rd quarterly from Bob Cito
Got your block locked like
(Is hard to kill)

I'm around the way, 141st and 3rd
40 bottles on the curb and my man got the bag of herb
Another brother tried to get ill
And try
to be in the 3rd World.  They have bought the 2nd World and put a firm down payment on the 1st one.  Controlling your resources we'll control your world.
no craze
Cause I know you've known my man's since 3rd grade, I stayed
Pure through his whores and tore's, overseas
You and me, too long
the rise of the 3rd Reich
Just like the CIA trained terrorists to the fight
Build bombs and sneak box cutters onto a flight
When I was a child, the Devil
fuck the rest
Ya need a 3rd to get ya flowin'
And let that loc see smoke
Feelin' the strokes of the lines squeeze tight and slow


Oh one time they threw buck out the 3rd story window he landed on the ground *thud* that cat was stiiiill goin jack! haha We were all goin "GOO AHEEAD
Made a man out of me
A Killing machine
Your baby\'s going to die
Ma, your baby\'s coming home

Your know they put a man on the moon
Got surrounded by a sheriff down in Mexico

(Well he was steppin' right along)
I were a hot-footin' it
(But he was steppin' too slow)
It was
[Too $hort]
Album number 12
Short Dogg still in the house
I ain't going back into retirement
Life is

Anything is possible try hard
It ain't
steppin' too slow
Got surrounded by a sheriff down in Mexico

(Well he was steppin' right along) I were a hot-footin' it.
(But he was steppin' too slow)
Dave Peverett - Riff Bros. Music - ASCAP

Back in the schoolyard life wasn't so hard, but I couldn't wait to leave.
I left school at sixteen,
sparking brain cells til they're sparkling 

No one knows the time passing by.

I remake my universe every time I use a verse 
To fulfill my destiny,
Hey (c'mon)
To the full degree (c'mon, geah check it out)
(check it out)
We 'bout it
Gettin' that paper
We 'bout it
Check it out
Now how devastating can an MC be?
My name is Darryl, but you can call me D, hit it run!

It's called, gangsta hard rock, non-stop hip-hop
And it's
cause my words about to

Come and break the law with me
Villains are invincible in every degree
Criminal minds paralyze
Forged by the ashes of kush
then I think it's time you learn
For there is not the problem
So leaders are acknowledged, I don't follow them
I turn into another degree
And find