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Intro: Nas and Large Professor
Yeah, it's Illmatic (yeah)
It's Illmatic (yeah!)
It's Illmatic, huh
(yeah kick that shit)

[LP] One time 4 your
Know how to take an intro on a tune
It can be a 4-bar
Generally it's a 4-bar or 8-bar intro

I'm not wimpin'
Out you know what I'm about
know what im saying?
Look, we about to go I 255, [yeah]straight up to Memphis.
[ya show]See what im saying, Paul said he gone meet us by Wal-Greens, we
My beat forever
    4 Ever My Beat, 4 Ever My Beat (echoes)
4-4-4-4-4 Ever My...

4 Ever My Beat, this beat is mine forever
virgin clear 
His voice is Chicken Little's -- But he's hearing Paul Revere 

When he catches himself giggling -- he forces up a sneer 
Though he'd
[Intro: Killah Priest]
Yeah, knawhatimean, Killah Priest
I changed my name, man, it's Leo Angel now
Knawhatimean? Yo, this is Black Market
[Intro: Cool & Dre]
Good god, a ha ha
Yo Trick I think we done did it again man ([echo:] of course, of course)
Miami's finest, T Double D (haha
success 'cause I be excellent
Everything we do, everything we do
TSB 'cause we live excellent
Art on high 'cause we make excellent
We thank