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can't save yourself
the quick fix is a dirty trick and you can't tell
god bless the kids who live in the length
of the shadow of someone else's dream
be wiped out
Save the people stand and live
What divides us is an illusion
Made up by men in their confusion

In the name of god you kill in
Hypnotized, trapped inside
Convinced you'll live if you pray
Reality, can't you see
Killed by your mindless way

You say the lord will save you
We pray to the west
And we see the gods of the new church
As they undertake their vow
Tell me who can save us now?
Save us from the lords
Oh God who set us free
From our captivity
Your hand is strong to save

You split the raging sea
You crush our enemies
Your hand is strong
Speak up clear and cloud

Brown baby
Brown baby
As years roll by
Walk with your head held high
I want you to live by
Live by the justice code
and then live again
To take all our sins away

Glory, glory to the one
Who was born to save the whole world
You died but You'll rise again
So, Jesus we
was holdin' class on a mountain
The class was intent on His word
The lesson on the mount was how to live and make it count
They listened and a here's
here my friend)
That he will save you (His anger is upon us)
Paint a cross upon the door (It's all been caused by someone's deeds)
And pray to God
shall not take a life.

I want to save a life today, I want to keep one alive for my Father,

Who will avenge the blood!

Of weak and helpless ones
to the stars for your answers
'Cause you can look to the very One who made those stars

History tells us time and time again
To live like there's no God
Some can take life easy but I live from day by day 
God has my fortune laid away 

I search for sunshine every day but there always comes
the storm called, America
I'm doing this for y'all, and for me, for the Creator

God save, these streets
One dollar per every human being
Feel that
I'm doin this for y'all, and for me, for the Creator

God save, these streets
One dollar per every human being
Feel that Katrina clap
See that Katrina
Christmas is the day
The angels came to say
They said be not afraid
For born on this day
Born to save is Christ The Lord

Sheperds watched by night
"God created man
In his own image"
But ever since
The fall of man
Man is but a sinner
Who must do penance
That is what
God's servants say
A true
at your back
Which way do you turn
Who will come to find you first
Your devils or your gods

All you folks think you run my life
Say I should be
The Plague--Generation's leprosy
Unspeakable shame--Untouchable lives
Much in need of love
But these days who's got much to give

Give in
tryin' to save my health
I live my life all by myself

Ev'rything I have I own and no one lives on me
I'm a man who stands alone
That's where I'll be
of angel armies
Is always by my side

The one who reigns forever
He is a friend of mine

The God of angel armies
Is always by my side

My strength is in your
your will but

Who will save your soul when it comes to the flowers now
Huh huh who will save your soul after all the lies that you told, boy
And who
Why do we live so blind
Like a fallen angel's eyes turned inside?

This is a hymn of a broken man
God save you
God save your soul turned inside
Getting by by staying high, waiting for the light to come
To save us from damnation, god sent his only son.

A wise man and a fool
Who should serve
of hypocrisy
The philosophy chosen to live by
Has brought you your mortality

A reason to die
No remission of sins committed
When you were fighting the lie
you up to God

I know our God will guide, protect and keep you
Teach you faith and hold you by the heart
Though your mother's heart is broken by