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I wanna know your ways
By: Fred Hammond

(Verse 1)
Here I stand before you
Your glory is here
And it fills this place
And I am willing to
Do what I
With a spindle up my butt till it makes me scream
An' I'll do anything to get ahead
I lay awake nights saying "Thank you Fred"
Oh God, Oh God
'n' maybe later I'll rape her

Oh God I am the American dream
I do not think I'm too extreme
An' I'm a handsome son of a bitch
I'm gonna get a good
to deception, only
Sharp with perfection, homey, ya mind is a weapon

[Interlude: movie sample]
Relax, you got ya muscles tight, relax
Word... Word...
heart is breaking
I've broken it that's all
But with God's help I'll see her when the work's all done this fall

When the roundup days are over
I know you think that you are perfect
So fred astaire, so joan of arc
I see the light that shines around you
And leaves you standing in the dark
come on, (I'm so good)
(Good) The days is good, (good), babies is good
(Good) Wifes is good... uh-huh
(Good) The hood is good, (good), God is good
or a tissue to a runny nose
And when we die, is the answer that God knows
Til then, tell the angel of death, he's no threat
Jesus wept, when Lazarus left, he
[Intro: Busta Rhymes (Method Man)]
Aiyo, Tical? (What up, fam?)
You know Busta-Bust had to come see you, God, it's good to see you, God
(Good too
I think why to belive it
What about Santa what about Jesus
That's how I felt when I lost little Fred
Crazy how all the good guys end up dead
All bow to me like the image of God, Supreme Being
Get you to the eyes worth seeing

Influenced; but not by the ancient ruins of rap
A large percent
[Buddha Monk]
It takes 8 million and one stuns for the God is done
If you feel it's a lie, then your ass I will fry
Styles is dirty dirty like some desert
remember the night
I covered myself with baby powder, so my black ass could be light
Cause God is white, and Bo Derek is a ten
I hate my black skin, it's
is be the reason

It's the bald head horse man, yeah
It's the bald head...
It's the bald head horse man, horse man

[Bizzy Bone]
called it 

[Interlude: Ghostface Killah] 
Yo, aiyo, Pete Rock, good looking n****! 
Staten Island, yo Theodore! What's the deal 
Slap me one
And everything that we can't comprehend
Is not a mystery that God drinks champagne, Moet, share Dom
Baby girl sayin that there's imperial, watchin the tube
It's the paragraph ambassador 
The wild style fashioner 
It's the god Rakim, the master 
Feel this 
This is that lost ass track
[Chorus 2X: DMC]
The wife, the kids, the things, I did
I'm lookin at my life and how I lived
Is it negative, is it positive
Only God knows what it
on the corner of wetlands with a confederate flag for a headband 
God dam eggplants, niggas getting' me vexed man 
Cause I'm surrounded by garbage like Fred Sav

Good evening ladies and gentlemen 
Welcome to the show where you the audience participate 
On our show tonight we got lots of surprises in
the next step they drawing the chalk round
Matter-of-factually, I'll stand alone with no entourage to back me
GOD is my every existence; exhalation,
the next step they drawing the chalk round
Matter-of-factually, I'll stand alone with no entourage to back me
GOD is my every existence; exhalation,
between the margin
Real shit so many problems I deal with
And thank god for Mary Jane and that good piff
That I won't quit stacking my bread sippin' my
5-percenters dig those even through a pig nose
Amped to stack like Marshall
With a good financial plan, i don't want credit that's partial
The gods want
that's lying
Hide the crying, tears in the pocket
A fool for the interlude that introduced the moshpit
Exhausted by the storm, before the calm