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[Intro/Chorus - sample]
-- Don't cry [5X] don't..
-- Don't cry [5X] don't..

[The Game]
Amayah wake up baby
I know you're sleepin, but daddy's
the serious eye candy
I got birds in the hood so I'm in to birds with mary

My writing methods got me more hoes than tice and betha
Icy necklace on the tour
a thought that she was beautiful
Soul Train Awards I go to not my daughters funeral
I stay drunk and high like I'm imperial
Surrounded by more white groupies
kinda like Monte Christo
World Tour, DL, Koffeshop, and I'm coming to your Bistro
We show bright when it comes to your ability
I'll be yellin' out
later he allowed me
to go on tour with him. Man, I appre-- I love him for that. And at
this time, you know I didn't have a deal, I had songs, and I had