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(Show & A.G.)
	And Black Sheep

[ VERSE 1: A.G. ]
I drop facts over tracks that go ratatatat
Fuck the red, white & blue, I'm with
Artist: Scarface f/ Bun be (U.G.K.), Z-Ro
Typed by:

Nigga don't act like you don't know who I'm talkin' bout
and start turning cream 

Into butter, don't stutter or end in the rap gutter 

Or go find yourself another managerial staff 

DOn't laugh, find a new
Woooohoooo hoooooo hoooooooo yeah!

Huh huh ha Adam F on the track
Speak guru representn'
Yeah! Carl Thomas
Everybody wants to be
if tracks
Could talk but they - but here go the facts
Brace yourself, you shoulda grabbed a grip
Protect your clan cause we're about to trip
on the right track
Now where do we go from here?
Sick and tored of worthless statements
Pissed off with the same old songs
You stuff your moral rule book