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Hannah Montana, Hannah Montana
Let's make a movie, get it on camera
And it'll be the best of your life
I met her once, hit it twice, that's a hell
cleaners gave out the design, singing:
What's a little broken glass when freedom's on the line?

Now in the town of Billings live not 100 Jews,
don't even know my brothers name
Bill Ritchie he lives in Chicago
He rides through town in an Eldorado

Maldo black, real white so I'm lookin
And I
You know me, baby girl, show me the money
Doin 90 down 95 South
If we don't move it out, then the town'll have a drought
Pushin, pedal to the metal
I woke up at noon still aching from the previous
Job I had to do last night, shit was serious
Got up out my bed, and picked up my