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day a man named Benoit Mandelbrot was born 

His disdain for pure mathematics and his unique geometrical insights 
Left him well equipped to face
Cracked windshield that I super-glued
Crumpled-up cans and a beat up bag of Red Man chew
Fix-a-flat, Johnny Cash box set
Half a dozen parking
three little girls

But I get lost, I can't find my way
All my pieces glued together for the world to see
Mistakes I've made, consumed by some
As tomorrow's man and a topless bee
Jump over your head, remember me
Don't get confused by a dieing sky and sea 

The panda club has an odds
When I run up on you I'm gon' blow x 4

The leader of the new school
Not to take nothin' from busta
My heat stay glued on bustas
Check out my
Before and after and in between
One man's mission the ice he'll clean
He's fueled by hockey
Fueled by beer
Run you down if you get near
built by suburban
N****z around lookin like they nervous, I see 'em
N****z around me want to rob him and leave him
But I'm partyin tonight for one
[Dre] Yeah yeah yo Nas it's like this man
 ("Nas is coming..")
 N****z can't do it like I do it, d'yaknahmsayin?
 Just like n****z can't do what
more than this

another homeless man
lays drunk in the streets
plastered everyday
plastered everyweek
and in an ally close by
another young girl
INTRO [Choclair]
Everybody's got something to say
Everybody's got something to do
Something to talk about
     "Whenever I move, eyes glued" <--
Say that I'm foolish
I only talk about jewels
(Bling bling)
Do you fools
Listen to music or
Do you just skim
I don't think so rellie
z-dazzle, goin' mutiny
don't y'all get in his way
whassup man
he's lethal, bustin through people
get the fuck up
the fuck out the house

[Scarface (Jay-Z)]
I caught a northwest flight to NY, on the buddy pass
Sitting at the exit row, by the do'
(I got a hoopty from
makin' sure you remember that 
It's the man that they call Jimmy Z gettin' ya hyper 
So just call him the Pied Piper 
So I know you want to see Jimmy Z
Fake thug, no love, you get the slug, CB4 Gusto
Your luck low, I didn't know til I was drunk though
You freak n****z played out, get f***ed and ate
INTRO [Choclair]
Everybody's got something to say
Everybody's got something to do
Something to talk about
     "Whenever I move, eyes glued" <--

Then all of a sudden, in the wink of an eye
A Cadillac sedan passed us by
I said boys that's the mark for me
But by then the taillights was
the television
Not confused between a puppet or conviction
Glued to the screen by a thousand shallow words of wisdom
It ain't what it seems when it's a single
Capri and Jay-Z, It's Kid Capri and Jay-Z 
 Cause I'm Like That yo ! Cause I'm like that yo ! 
 Verse One: Jay-Z 
 As a young and dumb man, gun in
known to emerge triumphant
In the face of adversity

They call me Dope Man, Dope Man
I try to tell 'em I'm where hope, floats man
(Jay-Z is taking
bullet spit when I kick em
N****z die from automatic gunfire
Your time to expire, nobody cry every man gotta die
When they bury me, they bury me a G
This is jail, 3 burners made Tina Turner dance
Probably, you kidin me? Only my man bust side to me
I was gotta be slicin the pot, if I divide it by 3
and let's clear these n****z out 

Ay ay man, wha**up n****? 
Yo, well this Lench Mob n****! 

[Gun shots]

Now clearin' em out meant casualties
It was once said by a man who couldn't quit
Dope man please can I have another hit
The dope man said cluck I don't give a shit
If your girl kneels
man, dope man
I try to tell em I'm where hope, floats man
Ghetto spokes-man

Jay-Z is taking the stand

Right hand on the Bible, left hand in