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And as the days go by, you can?t forget
The way I make you feel like shit
Mc?s like you, I?ve seen ?em before
You keep on saying "f**k too
was club hopping back when Rick James was out
And all I get is Trinidad James
Wait a minute that's strange
Sip a bit of champagne, say fuck
If the hoes
black monkey ass home
When I hit the block, watch them scatter like roaches
So don't be fake, 'cause I know what a hoe is
Handle my business, no
And maybe get rich, hol' up
Trinidad Jame$ in four weeks but now my album platinum and shit, so what
Y'all keep the numbers
I'm more than
the Sprinter Van
Run a full court game, no one-on-one
Take this dope, hit a one on one
Ain't nothing else to do, she wanna cum for fun
I'm by myself, I brung no
Over Trinidad and the little Islands
Then over St. Thomas and over Portland
And over Negril mon by Westmoreland
And St. Elizabeth mon to Claredon
Ah ah, I never saw so many people tonight 
I mean y'all all got it crowded up in here and that's good 
I'm glad that y'all givin' it up for him,
Take that doll, hit her one-on-one
Ain't nothin' else to do, she wanna cum for fun
I'm by myself, hop, run, no one
Nigga she want me like Givenchy
All yellow gold on me, like I'm Trinidad, James
Sittin' drop top wonderin' where the ceiling's at
I know my old thang wanna bring the feeling back
Money gettin' low
From givin' it to ho's
By shakin' they ass
And takin' off they clothes
Damn that country bunkin'
Baby got ass like a basketball
endin' in my series of warnin'
You flex with me tonight, playa, you dead by the mornin'

Bun Beater, the best ever breathin' or deceased
From the South
has no bearing on the bad news I'm baring, whoa
What is it, wordplay? No I'm pushin' you out the do'
So suck my dick on the couch if you wanna cushion
attire, black tool, no face mask, killa make a jack move
Yeah, by the way dog like bag food
Dope house like grocery stores, sell boy two
Gettin' high, thugs
Verse One:

People often see me in jams, and be thinkin I'm high
No that just be my lazy eye
What's your reply to the evidence against you
my ole boy that's where I get game

Hoes start passin' 'cause they want me to see 'em
Ain't givin' no action if they want some per diem
And I keep
had many in her jaw
Probably hit plenty in the raw (nasty bitch)
I wanna see this bitch naked on my livin' room flo'
And yo bitch, I ain't givin' up
Did she at least compensate? Start givin' you mad top?
Her name Minaj, right? She ain't throw you some bad thots?"
He said "Nah," that's when I knew