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Been to all his movies
Got all his CD's
I don't own a player but own all his DVD's
So now I'm left to wonder where it was that I went wrong
strangers I was so far from home
And I don't know how you found me
All I know is I owe you everything to you
Yes I do

And I thank you for my
You give me all that I need, yeah

So thank you for standing right by me (I thank you for everything)
So thank you for being behind me (Thank
I give you the praise (thank you) (yeah) 
You mean so much to me
I just wanna thank you (I just don't know what to do)
To my heart right to my
there for me when nobody would (good looking out)
I give you the praise (thank you) (yea) you mean so much to me
I just wanna thank you (I just don
By Greg Nelson & Bob Farrell
It's a hurry up world and my days go flying by
But I don't want to forget to thank you for my life
And in my
filmed for a dvd tonight
Thank you for being on your best behavior
Hello we're gonna do a song we haven't played in a set for a while
And please don't put me on a list, ring me through
Cause I been honest and been true to you

Let's drop some luxury goods on to their heads
Give them a DVD
come to along, I don't know when,
And all of those years, just foolin' around.
Thank you, for taking me as I am. no better than you.
You give me your
And do what everybody says,
Or get carried away.
Nowadays I fall among the empty shells and pray.
Give thanks - I'm happy where I am.
It's just
to Brain-Expansion Land? 
I don?t mean to be a pushy REI creep, 
But you?ll thank me when you?re chilling six feet deep 
And the worms crawl in and the worms crawl
move me)
La, La, La (oh, mmm, I am moved by you)

I give thanks for my time upon the planet Earth
By all of your beauty
I am so inspired
Your love
the inside.
That light s lent by a luminous neighbour
Give thanks; don't be arrogant or vain
Pay attention to self-importance.
It's sad that this borrowed state
[Music & Lyrics by S. Guadagnoli]

Stand what you stand for,
I know you'll cross the line
More give some more to life
And keep it rising high
and to listen to me

Don't go thinking I'm not thankful
'Cause me, I've got my hands full of good things
And I hope I can give back
A little bit of what you've
know that I appreciate it
I don't tell You enough so let me say it,

Thanks for the good friends
Thanks for the good times
You fill all my heart's
Triple X, dvd's, I got a whole stack in
Was snapped out of my daydream by something that I seen
I left the tissue full of spunk on the floor by my jeans
you which God you should pray to
You pray to Jesus, but He don't want to save you
'Cause you unfaithful, so He gives you to Azazel
You're paralyzed
a better life
A second chance
And everyone she's letting down
She throws that bottle down

Here's to the strong
Thanks to the brave
Don't give up hope

Thank your stars you're not that way
Turn your back and walk away

Don't even pause and ask them why
Turn around and say goodbye [x2]
when I need her
Through the good through the bad through it all
And though how it hurts me when her dreams don't come true
When I can't give her all
that ooh ahh sound
I'ma push up on ya slow
Get ya right by the end of the night
Do something sweet 
Like massage ya feet
And put Pretty Ricky cd
don't we, play something these hoes'd like
Drive whips, I know they like
Twista, you told her right
(I could make you a celebrity overnight)
Give you
Give you ice, like Kobe right
We sorta like Goldie right
The way, we mode em right
(I could make you a celebrity overnight)

Why don't we, play something
I'm doing very well
I can block out the present and the past now
I know by now you think I should have
Straightened myself out - Thank you, drop