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the bar room mirror 
I combed right through her figure, 
She wiggled through the car park 
Into the pit of my heart, 
Sat herself beside me in my van
Music by bobby stalker & jay tee rogers
Lyrics by jay tee rogers & melanie thornton

I apologize
For being faithless
I apologize
We all have
I'm starting to crack.

Hey, hey, hey!

[Cumular Limited Version]

I'm dazed and confused,
Is it stay, is it go?
Give me
It's the Roc! Wooo!
My gear is right (check)
My bucket is low (check)
My Rocawear is fittin' incredible

Fuck it
I guess I got my swagger back
wrong with you?
Sung you gotta

Make a move, you gotta shift into gear,

You gotta buckle down and give it a whirl!

The scene is set right out
kids speakin' 'cause it's naturally in us
But the false prophets by tellin' us we born sinners
Venders of hate, got me battlin' my own mind state
And contents of the Pressure
Knows the deal, and to the girl, Victory
You make me feel, but my man John Salle'
We keep it down, Figure Four kinda love

And contents of the Pressure
Knows the deal, and to the girl, Victory
You make me feel, but my man John Salle'
We keep it down, Figure Four kinda love

the way I got big spitting stories
Being me’s X-Clan, Vanglorious
We’re not your favorite, fuck it
You know the system and you buck it
Have you
Decibels race note by note breaking your life
Metallic energy, stopping, time

[Solo: Rionda]

Silence comes in the morning
It's like a cold lady
She comes
on the airwave and it's yours, pick the heart of your choice.
Friends and lovers, give a call, make a match - by the sound of a voice.

Why-o-you-n-g -f-are-
versions of death in the Persian
Now a right angle equals eighty degrees
The Haitians brought the AIDS disease -- NEGATIVE
The scapegoat becomes a raging
and give em the short version of your testimony 
And just tell em, you know what, it was nobody
But God

of hip-hop
If I see ya disagreeing, you'll be getting your shit dropped
It's extended version, the side you can't fuck with
You'll get the jimmy MC, you're
[studio demo version of the song "you not me" from 1997, recorded ]
[during the making of the album falling into infinity. available ]
[on the cd
petals at my feet man!
They want to spoil me, treating me like royalty,
What I'm supposed to do? It's such a sweet thing
Work that track, whip 'em like
your friend go away dying/ you'll become extinct/ you shouldnt of blinked/ i have a hair trigger/ tell me young nigga/ how does it feel to have to deal
your cards right or be scratching off them calendars

I don't know why niggas keep fucking with me
These streets make it so hard to breathe
Highs and my
when we make a little history.
Receive the plaudits of our peers,
perhaps that time is here right now for me.
Ah Anatoly, if I may, let me say
left, people on my right, all in my earhole
Make be like whoa and find me somewhere else to go

It's Mag from your TV screen, buzzin off
The preacher, he's busy tryin to save souls
The devil, he wants all control
You see, life is to be lived on the right accord
So don't sweat it, young brother,
[ VERSE 1 ]
It's goin down in the ghetto, around 7
So beep me about 6, with code 11
So we can hook up at the spot and get right for the night
noticed by people
Please tell me if you know
Because I wanna go, wanna go, yeah, yeah

Why is it lately?
These jealous hoes gotta hate me
It's the brown child, better version of the story
Sees Conji, a sister, mother played by Tori
In Astoria, kid named Tiki took the cake
The greens
but that's part of the process, I dine, you do the dishes
Now, it's obvious right kid? Calls in tonite? Then
It's prolly your wife, so just pardon