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give ma minute with your boss, I'll fold ya
New York fitted and gold cross in a Rover
Holster, all over the shoulder
I'm the sickest thing spittin' in
a couple different ways I can make her moan
When I'm done wit her, she'll want to take a nigga to Rome

Give me a hour, I'll have her blowing up my phone
Override the system, drugs with some sick kids
You know what we on, we tryna make the fucking hit list
Write a couple songs and live forever in your
some style by taking glances
Red snapper, taken apart, put back together
Plated on some bok choy, fine fish platters forever (Yo!)
Same routine,
the 40 cause my mother's not looking

Yo give me that, kid. You pah will put you in the mourge
Listen to hot diggity dog
Bibb bow wow wow wow wow
You're nothin far from comin up (keep on) 

Money's just a touch away (keep on) 

So keep on grindin don't give it up (keep on) 

There'll always be