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Momma raised me proper, the streets just molded me
The streets coded me, made me a better pedigree
Now things are complicated like Avril Lavigne said it
got you red hot, you so happy to see me
Make the front-page prime-time live on TV
Nigga my girlfriend, baby forty-five but she still live
One shot
It's so bittersweet now
When you know what you lost

Donnie was the boy you always wanted by your side
Donnie was the boy your girlfriends fell for
Welcome to my ex-girlfriend club
Have you met Allison, Emily, Christine, Daniella
You said you give me a-attack
I got no style 
I'm strictly
By Walter Egan

Jean was a girl with style,
Boy, heads turned every time she'd smile,
Envy turned her girlfriends' eyes green
Whoa oh oh Jean.

by the ordinary details 
Of the lives of the strangers that I've encountered on my search 

I'm in a Mexican restaurant with a friend of a friend
Are you the girlfriend
Of boys who tell you lies

Oh, I look beyond the rain
And I see I am not broken
Oh, we live our lives by rules unspoken
How's your little family? 

How's your little wife? 
Are you going to live with these monsters 
For the rest of your life? 
Maybe you got
My girlfriend says I can't do this
My wife says don't do that
Another case of PMS,
Gonna have me a heart attack
I need a small vacation man
Pink toenails
Why don't I have time to paint pink toenails
I've got my pink foam curlers and my pony-tail
My girlfriends have time for their pink
Girlfriend Application

Looks like I got me a boyfriend, - a guy that I prefer to see
But a couple of things occurred to me:
Where are we gonna live
and chrome rims
Bitch you know what it is
I'm live from the underground, underground
Live from the underground, underground
Underground, underground
The other night I ran into my girlfriend
Sittin' at the table with another man gettin' stoned
And I'm sleeping all by myself down in Corpus
got me doing, baby? 

(Meet me at the hotel room)
I'ma bring my girlfriends
Meet me at the hotel room
I'ma bring my girlfriends
(Meet me
In the bedroom all day and all of the night
Let's ride

Forget about your boyfriend
And meet me at the hotel room

I'ma bring my girlfriends
So meet
Been in the party bumping on waterbeds
Two by the leg
Two by the head
It's crazy, driving miss dasy
Got white girls going crazy
Damdama, last king

My girl got a girlfriend, Chevy blue like whirlwind
Nigga it's a drought on that boy, so I got that girl in
Pearl Bent', cockin' hammer, Arm &
Oh yeah

In France, skinny man
Died of a big disease with a little name
By chance his girlfriend came across a needle
Soon she did the same
we're neighbors now
And all the other people here are elderly And probably a little standoffish
And I've got nothing to do (and whatnot)
By the way I live
I got a girlfriend
Only she don't know it yet
I got a six string best friend
Who sleeps with a broken neck
I want to make my mark
Change the world,
kissed all your girlfriends
But that's what you get
When you live in a small world

It's hard to look at me
When you know where my lips have been
Get up early, go to work.
Get yelled at by a jerk.
He ain't smarter than me, but even he can see.

I'm fucked.
I'm fucked.
I'm fucked.
I'm fucked.
on me tonight
It's on tonight I'm gonna live and let live

So tell me sexy baby
What kind of fellas do you like
Well here I am sweet lady
You got
me goodbye 
For the doctors are comin' 
We all know why 
Because I wasn't born 
Here we go again 
As time passes by here 
We don't live and lie
Shakin' street, say you gotta get down

Streetlight Sammy decided to make the trip
All the way from New Jersey on his girlfriend's tip