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It's goin' down
Not now but right now
By now you know the sound
It's dilation, cats with 20/20

I tell nickel and dimers try
really good as gold 
She can make my grandpa 
Feel like he's six years old

I got 20:20 vision and that's all I need 
Enough to keep my baby here by
good as gold. 
She can make my Grandpa, feel like he's six years old. 

I got 20/20 vision, and that's all I need. 
Enough to keep my baby here by
When I think of all I put you through
Always taking you for granted
I never saw it from your point of view
Blinded by the double standard

Try to make a move
And I'm on him like 5-0
Ooh, sugar I got him
So you can go
'Cause I got him
Got him

Bite the dust
I got 20/20 vision
and neal just barely missed a
Truck and then he asked her if she'd like to come like that to californy
See a red head in a uniform will always get you horny
And after I'm finished you know I'mma drink some mur
But I got 20/20 vision when I'm pitchin', listen
I spot them chickens never slippin' like a transmission
the end

I could tell you were the kind to love and leave 'em
Tears would be all I'd have to show
I was hypnotized by those fine Levi's
So I couldn't say
Why you wanna put me on standby
I can't lie, girl you're hotter than a campfire (Hot)
We can stay up all night like vampires
Compliment each other
Things happen for a reason that don't make sense
Till you look back, it's 20/20 then
You know I never would have met my girl
If somebody else hadn't
girl you'd better believe it
You've got the bull by the horns like it as just open season
Faked me out again, but I watch your true colors show
you did
Oh no no

Straight as an arrow
Time to get the hell out
I can never leave you alone
See a pretty face
Kiss is like a handshake
See the pretty

The late Michael Jackson doing the moon walk on the telly
And I was like "who's bad?"
Sitting there smoking, sipping MD 20/20 thinking I was
can really blame you (who can really blame you)
We're the ones who (chicka) made you

Back by popular demand
Now pop a little Zantac or ant'-acid if
I want to be a transparency 
Live my life so that you can see Elohim
No longer see a little boy in his teens 
Getting by tryin' to fit in like
cash, checks
But you ain't never met a girl like this yet

What's up, man
You got that package I sent you
Yeah I got it
Did you like it
Francisco Bay
All across America
Along The Great Highway

Bright eyes like wishing wells
Instamatic kiss and tell
Optimistic self-belief
College girls
Hip-Hop prisoner, Alberto V-O-5
in your scalp like conditioner, hit you by the eye
Fuck your 20/20 vision up, used to be a pilot
Now he can see
by nature
Yeah, can't knock the family for this paper
Yeah, and if you make it through the day, bro
Yeah, pray to God I ain't stank ya, bitch

I got it
in circles but I write it line by line
And if I don't really know you I'ma lie and say I'm fine
And I spit rhymes hoping that someone who thinks like
the fuck up out of there

Girl you know I know how it looks
(See I know how it looks)
Baby you know I know how it looks
(But baby it ain't like that)
my arena let me show y’all who the highness is
You might say I could be doing something positive
Humble head down low and broke like promises
the days, but let's just say five
Years, coming of age, it make you blow by your day job
So cry for me, wild for me
It's a horror story, eyes 20/20s that
Setting sail from a crushed rooftop
Fathoms deep, shallow as a raindrop
Attempt to feel 20/20 now
React like gasoline cornered by a house fire
Girl you know I'm just like you,
Trying to have fun like you do,
Intimidated by the fame,
Cause I'm just the same,
An ordinary girl like you