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And then we'll buy some stinky used girls panties
Out of one of those pervert vending machines
Now we've seen sumo wrestling live
Unless we get dropped by
will continue
Do you have it in you?
Come, we've got a journey to go
And when the battle get sour and dread
A lot of weak-hearted wither and moan
the feeling inside 
But it's growing so strong, I can't wait any longer. 
So come on etc repeat 
Some getting by, by keeping their eyes closed 
Some are too
to preach about the wrong of the world 
It can't be changed by three girls 
On the trio tip we're not a proof of that trip 
Excuses that's the truth when
Nobody claims to 
See it coming
Nobody blames you
Can't help thinking

A marriage license, a job was waiting
By your mid-30's
You feel unholy
She can't stop pacing
She never felt so alive
Her thoughts are racing
Set on overdrive
It takes a village
This she knows is true
ain't no video game with wrestlers on it
The competitor on this is on some shit
Honest come through all black like a Amish
Holsters under the armpit,
up the phone girl

MJ = Hello?
PD = Ay yo, what's up?
MJ = What's up Puff?
PD = Girl you ready?
MJ = I'm always ready

It's about that time
It's 5 o'clock, I think of you
Live my life without you and I'm feeling blue
I told you lies, love fades away
Oh I loved you baby but didn't say
video game, no cd, movie in 3D
News!! real fuckin bloody tv, no video game, no cd, movie in 3D

Gangs on every corner, shootin people drivin by
to take it back to the gutter
The queen of hip-hop soul

Oohh, live your life cos life is love
Always thank the man above (thank you, uh)
The more you
Everybody help me sing this song one more time, yeah

California girl, you're living by the sand and sea
And it means every little thing now, now that you
lives down by the ocean 
She's takin' care to look for sharks.
They hang out in the local bars, 
And they feed right after dark. 

Can't you feel 'em
wanna be
Forever young
Do you really want to live forever?
Forever, forever young

So we live a life like a video
When the sun is always out and you
on to our feet
Escort us to the ejector seats

And I'm alive! I can't seem to hide it
Got people calling out my name and everything
Death by chandelier
about ever letting go
But I`m lost for the words that I
Need to get over the way I feel
I can`t do it by myself
Girl I really need you her
Help me
She came down from Cincinnati,
It took her three days on the train.
Lookin' for some peace and quiet,
Hoped to see the sun again.

But now she lives
can be 18 (18) with an attitude
Or 19, kinda snotty, acting real rude
But as long as you a thicky-thicky-thick girl you know that it's on
(Know that
I hope that you get it
I need some help from you

I live with my mom ever since my parents split
And At home I spend my time on the Internet
lives down by the ocean -- 
She's takin' care to look for sharks.
They hang out in the local bars, 
And they feed right after dark. 

Can't you feel
trying to boast
But I got that dough
I made a video so you could see the life I live
Gotta casa across from Sammy Sosa's crib
Laying out by the pool
to soothe my stage
What it was was more then plug-up dosage
More than DAISY age
Conversation drew a rule
Which the crowd will roar by millions
I've been diggin' on you little girl
Every time you stroll by
And I can't help but notice
The sad look in your eyes

Ever didn't be your man
help you choose it (2x)

I'm so glad I got my website,
I ain't worried bout mtv,
I got 20 videos, buy 'em all on dvd,
I'm so glad I got my website,
people who know me
Peeping from behind every window pane

The girl I used to love lives in this yellow house
Yesterday she passed me by
She doesn't want