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for me to do
A kiss for some of this
A smile and it's done
Miss I'm your mister
My sister's your sister
My mother's your mother father's your
the kisser

Best friends a-hitting on my sister
Try to tell them that they still a wisher
'cause she already got herself a mister
And besides that's gross
the kisser

Best friends are hittin' on my sister.
Try to tell them that they still wish-a
Cause she already got herself a mister
And besides that's gross
rather stay married to my hack

I move 15 miles every minute, I’m all smiles
I shoot by my sister’s shack
She’s got some friend who waves at men,
and censorship
Your friends just flipped over the swift penmanship
Ever since I spit some shit on Infinite
I been giving it a hundred and ten percent
Ruby said: mister,
Look, I've got a sister
But nobody knows her
She's my little secret
And she's my only friend
Has ever been

ruby said: mister
You're still my sister

Well, I say you're my, beginnin my end
You're my sista lover and friend
God is, your light from within
It shines through your
Mattafixed it, now he's on some sick shhh
So keep your money and your cars and your deals
I'm riding home on the same two wheels

Gimme the tune and ?
Please please
Gimme your love
I'll please
You and your love
Please please
I am your man, I am your friend
Come again

You can be my lover
Oh yes,
Shawty, you dead fine, but the bottom-line is
You're still my sister


Well, I say you're my, beginnin' my end
You're my sista lover
So what you do, is back up if you work for Bush 
Cause all the Presidential prison pushin politicians 
gotta get MUSHED, gimme back my land you
shot by cops, ripped him up with cutters
This my state and guess what, he with my skin color (He was white)
Looked like going to that place fucked up
Yo, this goes for all my brothers and sisters locked down 
For all my peoples incarcerated, for those who ain't make it 

Yo, in the housing,
It sucks cause they play some of my favorite songs like 'Stab My Heart Because I Love You' and 'Rip Apart My Soul' and of course 'Stabby Rip Stab
through thick and thin
when I was broke before I got me some ends
through all my in and out of jail, court cases, she a nigga best friend
but I always break
Submitted by Rene 

I've seen my friend go ride you 
Host away the pills
My evil bedroom is my carving wheel 
Jo Mister Join the scene 
It ain't
And the price going up by the year
It's a good year, baby
On my blimp shit
You too defensive and sensitive
That's on some mental shit
No sense in lingering
blues is nothin' new
We go to the store to buy some brew
On the pavement I pour some ale
For my homies who died, my homies in jail

Skins, skins with
a black man's might
I heard a sister say she don't like darker shades of black
On a man 'cause that's wack
But to my light skin sister can't you tell
And I'm fine
I'll always love you.

Hey friend
Caught a movie by myself
It's not the same, yeah
It's no fun without you
Some days
I feel like
And eh, and I see you passing by my way, again
And I'm wondering if we can be good friends
And I see you passing by my way again, yeah
And I'm
My friends (as one) all stand aligned 
Although their taxis came too late. 
There was a rush along the Fulham Road. 
There was a hush in the Passion
my thirst wit you and a friend 
Instead of the juice and gin, 
Why don't I pour out the drink and you hop in, 
Glass full of ass for a true mutha
the terms chicks are like cars, 
Well I treat bitches like drinks, 
When I step in the club and by out tha bar, 
So let me quench my thirst wit you
must be loyal to the cats that made you strong
It could be your friend, your father, you sister, your mother, your brother or some other
Just remember