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soul around fuck it cause let's blow a zone
Now carry on assume you niggas need a loan
Quit it with the textin' 'cause and go and make a song
round the poolroom nigga 
It ain't nothin', let me have a dollar" 
"Can I have a dolla? One dolla" 
"One dollar "
"How much?,- A dollar." 
When you're broke, it's all a joke.  But when your paid, it's fine.
This advice to you I lend.  Begin to let it sink, and you can spin.
But don't be
got the style that gets you open like a bag of smoke
I have your friends "Ah-hah man, that shit ain't dope"
Leave me alone when I'm rocking
gonna get tied
For a long ride,
In my trunk, I wonder, if Harriet Tubman had the chance
Would she have learned to do the Eddie Bauer dance?
Wow, how,