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My ghost likes to travel so far in the unknown
My ghost likes to travel so deep into your space

All the slow clouds pass us by
Make the Empire
family tree?
You put a knife in my back,
Shot an arrow in me!
Tell me are you the ghost of jealousy
A suckin' ghost of jealousy

And who gave you
understand it

And who gave you the right to shake my family?
And who gave you the right to shake my baby, she needs me
And who gave you the right
(ghost in my house)
Keeps on haunting me (ghost in my house)
Still just a part of me (ghost in my house)

By the way I hang my head
You can see I'm
float on a bit and move right through me

You're a ghost
You're a ghost
You're a ghost
You're a ghost

One, two, three, four

Get up
givin' me one need and that's power

Stand up if you've got that Holy Ghost's power
Stand up if you've got that Holy Ghost's power
Stand up if you
[Rae] It's like round three
[Ghost] We too black for BET
You memorize the 1 to 40
[Rae] I'm at the 19th degree
If a civilized person doesn't perform,
flies by my door, but I'm wanting more 

Well it's a little too late to say sorry, but don't be so hard on me 
Ghost, you know I can't go back

The drugs just make me reset

Knock once for the Father
Twice for the Son
Three times for the Holy Ghost

Come on in, the water's warm
Come on like
by my shy self
The things we used to do
The sudden ghost of myself
Getting it on with you

Looking back now
I can see
The ghost of myself
As I
I turn my own baby talk to me
And when I gave my in my slave
When you meet me up to me
And when you treat me like I'm freak
Are you I go to me
the hearts keep breaking, and the wheels just roll
You know that's how the story goes

One, two, three, they gonna run back to me
'Cause I'm the best
especially for my babies
My Mother will pay my bills, and in my wheelchair
I get (????), and they gave me free meals, and I seen em make a mill
And until
You're asking me to wager my soul - lies
On that which I doubt the most - lies
That the Virgin Mary was impregnated by the ghost - more lies
To see the world go by
And lay my ghost's to rest
[Give me a chance to catch my breath]
[So I can lay my ghost's to rest]

Ask me tomorrow
I've never been superstitious 
I've never feared the unknown 
But ever since you left me 
I've believed in ghosts 
Girl, I believe in ghosts
back come back) [Repeat: x2]
I want you here by me (Come back come back come back come back) [Repeat: x3]

It gets so confusing this game,
I met
Now it's my turn, watch me disappear
Just like a go-go-go-ghost
Watch me go-go-go-ghost

The only gift that you ever gave
Was that you let me just
And you're still alive
And I'm still getting by
On these dead end streets
The ghosts of you and me

I'm still talking, I talk of what we?ll do
To the ghosts
From across the coast to give up the ghost, ghost
Batman - Ah, everybody out there [there] just hear me out [hear me out].
From coast
to last
I ain't living with the ghost
How can I scream, I'm scared to breathe
I wrote each word, you gave the toast
But we were fire and gasoline
haunted by the ghost
I want to be haunted by the ghost
I want to be haunted by the ghost
I want to be haunted by the ghost
Of your precious love
Your love will never fail

[Chorus: x 3]
I know You gave
The word Your only Son for us
To know Your name
To live within the Saviour's love
me back to you
Will be the miracle I gave up everything to only be with you 

Can't seem to shake the loneliest curse of all 
Eternity with just
a waltzing Matilda with me

Up jumped the Swagman, sprang into the Billabong
Drowning himself by the Coolibah tree
And his ghost may be heard as you pass