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And they knew all the lyrics by heart, now,
And they play in the perfect key,
And their tombstones are silhouetted,
And the band I can barely
And a crescent city breeze
One wrong turn on Bourbon
Cuts like the knives of New Orleans

I'm a ghost dodging bullets
In all of these alleys
Just looking for
© Hazel O'Connor

I go down the left side instead of the right
I'm suffocating and I'm having to fight
To keep myself moving out the crowd
Who throw
the Brocken Spectre rose a luring Angel
Sister of Morgana, forever dressed in black
With journey through the witch trials learned of lore and wives tales
Virginal goddess of Hunt Diana
Through the Brocken Spectre rose a lureing
Sister of Morgana, forever dressed in black
Journey through the witch
A vast radiant beach in a cool jeweled moon
Couples naked race down by its quiet side
And we laugh like soft, mad children
Smug in the woolly cotton
turned eighteen that spring
By summer had my own place
And I bought my baby's ring
Fell in with the wrong crowd
Breakin' laws, I broke her heart
Cause that's the only way
I'm gonna rest in peace

You can bury me on Deadwood Mountain
By my brother wild Bill and sister calamity Jane
That we drank from the serpents vine
Now we live in another time
We could live together

She lives on the borderline,
That they call hazel
flies each one tries to be the best catch and next years bride. 
Uncle Sam and Uncle Joe take their places in the row. 
They're standing by side to side
I was a face in a crowd full of ghosts
You're a fire at a funeral, hot damn and holy smoke
I was dreaming in it watching you float
You were a face in
the light
Looking down by your house
One by one
Lord, to find
Our way out
Falling with the ghost

Running in circles
A mouse on the table
I try
gold between divide us
Hands and feet are all alike
But fear between divide us
All slip away 

There was a window and by it stood
A mirror in which
His eyes were hazel --he worked for public radio and drove a Chevy truck.
His sister Rachel lived with a man who walked in circles getting nowhere
by the lake 
Reflecting the ghost of ma's place 

Suppertime came and went 
No one heard from him 
Sis left his food on the plate 
At the end
In 1969
I killed a man of mine
In a small Montana town
I was hunted down by hounds

Hear the light has cried
Their voices dry and hollow
the matched and numbered ones who live in constant disrepair. you may be blessed by your own, you may be blessed by your own ghost.
And darkness followed by

I seen my reflection in the river in heck
Sister Sky whispered to her mother,
The Earth
Mother Earth,

I envy the night,
For it's
time and I awakened in me
I left myself to navigate, and oh I felt control
(It seems these sheep have quite an appetite)

Who is the crowd that peers
Hurtling through heavy snow
Our hands are cold and the moon sets low
Little sister let your sharp teeth show
Pass winter fields

Stop the car by
trembling ghost got me whirling shake-shaking sexless bliss. Mark our lifetimes in concentric circles. March and counter brother and sister left right left
the spirits burn
Consuming mind and thought torn raw
Deafened by abysmal roar
Little sister's razor blades
Tear holes across your faith
Deafening hymn unholy
last remark
I'll stay up tonight
Now that you're leaving

I'm running backwards on a train
All is coming back to me again
A crowd of people in my
She wakes up when I sleep to talk to ghosts like in the movies
If you don't follow what I mean, I sure don't mean to be confusing
They say when she
She wakes up when I sleep to talk to ghosts like in the movies
If you don't follow what I mean, I sure don't mean to be confusing
They say when she