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they were fucked up in their turn
By fools in old style hats and coats
Who half the time were soppy-stern
And half at one another's throats
Man hands
on let's smile now
Please won't you try
Get a hold of yourself
Come on and find you someone else (Open up your heart)
Open up your girl  (Open up your
your bed
To keep you loved and to keep you fed
To help you to face another day
To get you up and on your way

Where the golden rule don't rule out true
Is it true what they say
Making progress day by day
How good for you
I have seen these things before
Working night and day
Just to get through
)Inner city strugglin', motherfuckin' rat race
Condemned pressure cooker, that explodes in your face
Another neighborhood gets destroyed by
know how to treat her right
Now, if I ever get another good woman
I'm gon' know how to treat her right
Because you know it's too lonesome
To sleep by
I will see you in a week or two
It's late, you better get going. 
Take care of yourself and call anytime, 
You feel, that you're missing me! 
tracks with a chorus
Get clapped by my rap supporters, catch you borders
Sleep walkers, get advanced to street orders
Hell comin', drop the dice, no
to check yourself
Cause if they find you out they'll
Drop your ass on the damn shelf
Just another corporate tool
Gonna show you why it pays to be genuine
the game cool
Ran back and brace yourself nigga cause here it comes fool

"Here it comes fool"
"P.E.T.E.R.M.A.N. ain't' no hoe ass motherfuckers"

And you ignore your friends
Just another fool

The hole grows bigger by the second
And soon there's no one left
No arms in arms 'cause in your eyes
It looks
and round you go
Where you get off, only we'll know
You find yourself in a cold room of glass
Signs of counless children, reflections past
Things you knew
Ungrown and now they on they own
Now check yourself cool
What good is da hood if ya actin' a fool
Talkin' dat gat-talk, walkin' dat catwalk
Bang bang bang
Pull the trang
As I shoot my shit
And I flaunt my gift
Leaving another stiff
It's me, the D
Yeah the Compton thug
I get down
divide and rule is their method of attack, a clever fucking trick to
Hold the people back, fight one another and you fuck yourself fool, so If
All we need is another life lost in
The system that's designed to hold us back
Get off the heroin and the crack!
All this shit is so confusing
I withdraw from my shelter of peaceful rest 
to measure all gathered forces 
in the spirit of raging contempt 

I watch as my decadence gets
Mo money mo money for the bank roll
Stick to the script don't slip in the nine-fo

A lot of fools put salt in the game
Till when these women get
a fool
I just want to get close to you
But now all I'm going to do is

(verse 2-Total)
Ohhh baby since you've been away
I thought that this was
I don’t know why
You think that you could hold me, when you can’t get by by yourself
And I don’t know who
Would ever want to tear the seam
a fool
I just want to get close to you
But now all I'm going to do is

(verse 2-Total)
Ohhh baby since you've been away
I thought that this was

Some people live with the fear of a touch 
And the anger of having been a fool 
They will not listen to anyone 
So nobody tells them a lie
But when he gets out I think you better watch your back
I said now when he gets out I think you better watch your back
You might find yourself
expect ye's all to back us to the hilt.
And if St. Peter at his gate were to ask ye why yer late,
Why you'd tell him that ye had to get a ship built.
On a Tuesday, April Fool's Day, don't get caught slipping
Leaving the keys off in the ignition, making me guilty by suspicion
Penny pinchers trying to stack for