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pillow, I sleep wit my shoes on 
Every single night me and my mack get our groove on 
Don't get moved on 
Cause I shoot through your bicepts your
Came to the windows in the street
Selling red watermelon, 5 cents a piece.

Merry boat on the river
Fresh drams to deliver
Hennesey and Perignon
You know the flavor
	Get your groove on

Standin by the speaker as the tempo gets faster
Brothers runnin through piece huntin for Dutch
I bought 'em for 99 cents apiece
You, You did?
I know where you can get 'em.

Here we go
For 99 cents
We're on
You got a better deal than I

5 dollar bitchcore
Fuck you
Let's get dirty!

I leave my money in the club
Let's groove bitch
Oh let's get dirty tonight
Listens to the jukebox for her answers
Slowly guzzles twenty-five cent beers

Talks about the men she's known and then some
She's seen them in her
a fuckin' slug in your temple
Chorus: L.V. & PRODEJE

The West Coast Gangstas still O.G.'s
Sportin' khakis and Chucks and B.V.T's.
Swervin through your
to get popped by a cop? 

Who the next n**** in the hood to get shot? 
I hope it ain't me, so I'm strapped up in bulletproof 
N**** on my stomach see -
(Kool Keith)
Well I'm first to rock, Moe Luv's the disc jock
By my side and wit the mix
?Clyde? scratches, mathces, all cuts combine
The faster
First lady, I just point, they squeeze
Ryde or Die, Double are What
Better keep your hammer right by your side

(Instrumentals until end)
whip to set trip, regulate your block
Turn the 6-4's to low-low's, bangin' for the West Coast
What's next? Breakin fools necks like bad checks
the slimmies in the cities that I rock
Ooh baby, baby, baby let me love ya
Or if you want to get your freak on, I'll just fuck ya
With the Ooh, ahh, ooh, ooh,
boys on a 24 track, they like that
Ah the hand clap followed by the mic check
No time for dinner, five's out on the night shift
Shady eyes in
anybody want to snap back
Low key holding shop let me get my groove on
Back up five feet and let me get my groove on
And my drink on, and my smoke on
love ya
Or if you want to get your freak on, I'll just fuck ya
With the Ooh, ahh, ooh, ooh, ooh ahhh, biatch, shit
I'm the Early Morning Stoned Pi-imp
(chorus 3)
Who said that funk was done just by one.
Who said that it was never ever done?
Who said the two of us couldn't groove.
It wasn't me but maybe
it'll always be
I thank the good Lord I've got you
In times like these

The rich keep getting richer
The poor barely get by
Farmer Johnson says it's
On That Bishop And Jude Shit
I'll Put This 4-5 In Your Mouth Like A Toothpick (You Bitch)
The South Ain't Safe No Mo', So Get A Gun
And Pray To God That
five cents
It's seven, eight or nine, seventh time a month supply that

By fifty thousand, no more browsin', bitch I'm buyin' that
I'm ridin' 'Llac
We both saw your momma get beat down by your pops
And saw your auntie get freaked down by your pops
And watched your ass get toe down
Just like your
on the bench
Mike's Hard Lemonade'll get you amateurs bent
Where I'm from they don't hesitate the cannon that spits
Stand by the wrong man and watch your
The stomping ground for political candidates
Where bears in the woods
Are chased by Grecian Formula'd
Bald eagles
T.V. is mechanized politic's
envy me, I'm rap's M.V.P
And I ain't going nowhere, so you can get to know me)

(G-G-G-G-G-Unit!) On the grill of my lowrider
Guns on both sides,
killa hill
Resident, rest in peace to my nigga Two Cent
The street life is the only life I know
I live by the code style it's mad P.L.O
Iranian thoughts
the five you're blowin'
Theater gets dark just to start the show
Then ya spot a fine woman sittin' in your row
She's dressed in yellow, she says "Hello,