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get deep, I get deep, I get deep, I get deeper, deeper, deeper
Into the rhyme

Chillin' in the corner at the shelter all by myself
Checkin it out
Meet me in the alley where the road gets dark
And we'll be rockin' lightly
Deep, deep down that's where I belong
Sweet street light never done me no
your eyes,
Six, take a deep breathe,
Seven, take a step back,
Eight, nine, I don't know why we even started this fight,
By the time I get to ten, I'm
always happen to me
I just gotta get that 1-2-3
Now, by the force of circumstance
And by the belt that holds up my pants
I'm held responsible
For this idea
wrong with you
Baby, baby, baby this is out of my control
It may look like nothing's wrong but deep down in my soul
I'm twisted - shaken - rattled
I get
childhood in the good ol' days
Deep in the night, tears in her eyes
She gets down on losers by the dashboard lights
No one to cling to, nobody cares
or die tryin times
Greed that I see
Got these cats
Whipped by tv
3 generations of fatherless women
We drownin instead of swimmin
This ain't what
Walking through life with blinders on
Trying not to get too deep in the wrong
With all the peer pressure that they advertise
It's a full time
primadonna dances slow on Valium
After the game the benchwarmer can't get a ride
In space there is no center
We're always off to the side

John Parker III
[Chorus 1] X 4 

Don't fuck with us 

Watch these niggas get wicked now 

Check it out 

[Chorus 2] X 3 

Put em up 

What What
heil! (x3)

You know, it's got to be deep
Can't help, it's got to be deep
Didn't I play deep, deep
( got me any candy mister?)
( which way
where cars get broken and stole
These are the stories told by Stony and Cottage Grove
The world is cold, the block is hot as a stove
On the corners
to love we go deep
She 100 not 50
When it come down to it she'll hit tha road and go get it
Right or wrong
Thick or thin
She gone still be with me
and roll in a Rolls
Now I roll in a "Olds" with windows that don't roll
Down the roads where cars get broke in and stole
These are the stories told by
Hysterical, ecstatical no matter, call me stags(?)
It's kind of hard to get a drink or
Just a girl to relax on
Phono, no go zone I go through
tryin' times
Greed that I see
Got these cats
Whipped by TV
Three generations of fatherless women
We drownin' instead of swimmin'
This ain't what
There's three in the wall from those pictures in the closet
Two in the bedroom from that night I lost it
One deep inside me determined to stay
Man, I've got to find my way back home, 
But I'm too deep inside 
It's 4 o'clock, 
And we ask ourselves, 
"Where did I go wrong? 

We passed
understanding, it gets all too demanding
She's all gone and I'm stranded
Something burning deep inside of me
All I know it's 4'o'clock and she ain't never showed
grand, for a scam 

they don't get the prime dough 

in the sand, and 

chances of gettin' caught 

slim next to none, now we like three deep
to New Jersey
While I'm stuck fifty years here
Staring out the white van window
Dreaming of the deep blue sea
What did I get myself into?
What would I just
death certificate

Fuck all, y'all
Lisa got him

Alright, on three, one, two, three
Come on brothers we gotta walk this way
Can't believe it man
in three months or is it four
Is it wrong to get by
Is it wrong to get high
Is it wrong that they die
Is it wrong to ask why

We are the leaders
past midnight!

I really didn't like
How this shit was goin' down
Wrong night, wrong time
Wrong fuckin' part of town
Ya see we was deep
In the Hoover's
some sense to me

You are
You are my [Repeat x3]

Make it fly
Bless your soul
You get by
Take me along
But all the static here it's