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Hey Jim Jones, 
Let's Show These Boys How It Really Goes Down 
Hey Lil Jon, 
U Know What We Tell These Boys When They Campin Out Wit
Got my aim from the scope, got the game by the throat, damn

Okay, you popped up on me by surprise (yeah, yeah)
You see I never took you for
up my drunk a lot high
You get the drunk talk, dick feelin right, right, right
All I need is X.O. to set me in
Bitch I don't need yo pussy fought by
and still killin' shit!

I'm the wrong one to fuck with
Fuck with me and you'll get stuck quick, 
Fuck you suck dick, hah
You ain't got no wins
Dead, and still killin s***!

[Chorus: SunKiss + Big Pun]
I'm the wrong one to f*** with
F*** with me and you'll get stuck quick, f*** you suck