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out, gotta beat it out yourself
Breathe in time to the rhythm in the well
Gotta lose yourself, gotta lose yourself to it
Be in mind, don't be in touch
the one you love
Must be the one whose magic touch can change your mind
Don't let another day go by without the magic touch

Distracting you				(change
One year ago, love was touch and go
Time made me see, solved the mystery
Taught me that love and time
Will change your mind and make it right
I want to patrol your innocent mind
It's only a dream
It'd be just like the old days

I know and I feel in the value of sound
How can we still
It's very far away
It takes about half a day
To get there
If we travel by my, dragonfly

No it's not in Spain
But all the same
You know
It's a groovy
person is a pauper at times
Compared to the man with a satisfied mind
Once I was winning in fortune and fame
I had all that I dreamed of
To get a start in
a start in life's game
Then suddenly it happened
And I lost every dime
But I'm richer by far
With a satisfied mind
such a piece of my mind 
When I get around to it 
'Cause honey I'm abused 
Might as well get juiced 

If you really want to melt down your mind
down to your feet.
I know my mind is in it, but my body's almost shot.
If you want my lovin', babe, better get it while it's hot.

So get it, get it
You can get by if you try
You can get by if you try

Somewhere in the city
There's someone for you
Maybe in some doorway
You know love begins there
on my mind
Step by step, ooh girl
Really think it's just a matter of time

Step by step (step by step girl)
Ooh baby
Gonna get to you girl (to you
Let your mind move on
It sells for a penny

Like a record groove
Gets scratched by a needle
Telling kids the truth
About The Byrds
instead of air
It's in your house
It's in your heart
It's in your mind
It's everywhere

It's in your heart 
It's in your heart
It's in your blood
Love is mind games
Love is mind games

She complains, you listen nice
Then get's P.O.'d by your advice
She waits until it's time for bed
You'll find it in your mind
Baby, it's all in your mind
Listen, listen

You can be what you feel
Life isn't really real
It's up or down
what you should do
And there you sit with the blues in your mind
That keeps you stumblin' all the time
If only you could get together more often
It's very far away
It takes about half a day
To get there 
If we travel by my....dragonfly

No it's not in Spain 
But all the same 
You know
won't get you
Out of my mind
I feel loved
For the first time
And I know that it's true
I can tell by the look in your eyes

Hear me tonight
Get the fire as the flame it burns
Get the wind as it slowly turns
Get the earth as it circles by
Get the sky sea creation fly

This point
cell in the south
Before my nigga core bailed me out
To get by just to get by
Just to get by, just to get by
We do or die like bed-stuy through
It's the battle for America's soul
It's operation mind control
It's the battle for America's soul

Your under 24 hour surveillance
by your baby (yeah) 
Stand by your, man, stand by your man 
You got to stand by your baby 

Man, do things get better? 
We can look back
You can reach me by railway, 
You can reach me by trail way
You can reach me on an airplane, 
You can reach me with your mind

You can reach me
When you don't know who you are
And you're walking with a scar
In the places that are breaking down your mind

It's a complicated day
second chance
Put your faith in big hands
Pay no more than a glance
All good things come to an end
This could be good as it gets
How's the view from